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    Amy joined reFORM Studios after feeling lazy, weak, and her clothes were just a little too tight. She knew that she wanted someone to help her through the journey to a healthier lifestyle. In her first 12 weeks of joining one of our personal training programs, Amy lost 24.5 inches and 20.8 pounds! Fast forward 8 months later, she’s lost over 36 inches and 37lbs! She’s stronger, more energized and getting better sleep. Having a trainer keeps Amy challenged to continue to get stronger either through heavier weights or more challenging exercises.

  • Personal Training North Charleston

    After losing 30lbs on her own post her 2nd child, Ashley hit a plateau and needed help. She joined our studio after seeing the progress her sister-in-law (now trainer, Maggie Sewell) made in the short time with us. In the year that Ashley has been training with us, dropped an additional 16lbs, 15 inches and decreased her body fat percentage by 7.11%! “I have also gained self-confidence, heathly eating habits, and MUSCLES!! The program has changed my life completely!” says Ashley. Ashley continues to work hard, pushing herself in every workout session, and losing more pounds and inches along the way!

  • Personal Training North Charleston

    “I decided I wanted a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to look better and feel better. I had bad eating habits, I was growing out of my clothes and I felt ‘lazy’—I didn’t always have energy to do the things I wanted to do,” says Belinda. In her first 4 months of joining reFORM Studios, she dropped 8.8lbs and 10 inches, but also gained confidence and a new wardrobe since losing those inches! She says that having a personal trainer has helped her achieve her goals and strengthen her commitment. “My trainer is great-she varies the workouts and makes me work hard but at MY pace and capability. Being a part of the reFORMers Community and sharing our accomplishments is motivational.”

  • Personal Training North Charleston

    Jennifer came to reFORM Studios as an avid runner, wanting to beat her personal records. So far she has completed 5 half marathons, 2 10K’s and far too many 5K’s to count! Her goal for 2015 is to complete a half marathon each month. While with us, Jen gained a lot of muscle, lost 3lbs, 5.5″ and reduced her body fat percentage by 6.5% which has helped her beat her personal record for half marathons by 24 minutes!! She says: “I love that everything is personalized towards my goals/needs. Having the ability to alter my workout to continue training through an injury or focus on specific areas is something you won’t find in a large gym atmosphere.”

  • Personal Training North Charleston

    In Fall of 2014, Kristin realized she was ready for something new after trying repeatedly to lose weight. She first started working out at our free community reBOOT workouts every Saturday morning and because she enjoyed the workouts, she decided it was time to get her own trainer and commit to one of our regular training programs. Kristin has lost 9lbs and an incredible 24 inches since beginning her program, she says her progress and the fun workouts push her to keep going and make more progress. What she has to say about her program: “It’s so much friendlier than regular gyms. I feel more comfortable. Working with a trainer is just a lot easier—she knows what I can lift, what I can and can’t do. She knows what I need and what I’m capable of.”

  • Personal Training North Charleston

    Laura came to reFORM Studios in October last year, looking for more guidance in her fitness journey. Since joining us, Laura has made some amazing progress! She has lost a total of 23lbs and 13 inches, bringing her down TWO pant sizes! On top of that, she’s got a lot more energy to do things and is sleeping a lot better at night, too. Her favorite part about our programs? The fact that everything is appointment-based, making it helpful for her to fit her workouts into her super busy schedule!

  • Personal Training North Charleston

    Sara joined us in July of 2014 in hopes of getting in better shape for her upcoming wedding. Since joining us, she trimmed off 12 inches from her entire body, just in time for her nuptials! She’s also gained a lot more knowledge of nutrition and healthier lifestyle habits in which she’s been able to adopt and overall feels so much better. She claims that the accountability of having her own trainer is what has helped her stay on track and make the progress that she did.

  • Personal Training North Charleston

    Tanisha joined a personal training program at the end of 2014 looking to live a better lifestyle and change her family tree by being healthier. Since the start of the new year, she has dropped 14lbs and 12 inches total! She’s even dropped 6.2% of her body fat! Every month she is constantly improving, pushing herself harder each workout and losing inches. Since these photos were taken, she’s lost an additional 4lbs and 4.75 inches! She credits her success to her encouraging trainer who always keeps her motivated and the variety of workouts each time she is here.



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