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How to use fitness to influence your life

I went for a 13 mile run Saturday.

No that’s not a typo.
No it wasn’t a race.
No I didn’t earn a medal.
No, I didn’t lose a bet.
No nothing was chasing me. ;)
I went for a 13 mile run because I committed to a goal (racing a half marathon in hilly Nashville with my sister at the end of the month) 6 months ago and after 3 months of twiddling my thumbs I decided to prepare for it adequately.

I went for a 13 mile run because I ran 12 miles the week before, and I’m pushing myself to do just a little more, every week, to build my confidence.

I’m not talking about confidence in my ability to finish a half marathon.
I’m talking about confidence. Period.
The thing I discovered year ago, when I joined an athletic team that actually measured my performance and challenged me to do just a little better, every day, is that when you do you become increasingly confident in your abilities in general.
I never knew what I was capable of physical, mentally, or emotionally, until I was challenged. 
You can’t discover your limits until you push them.

i never knew what i was capable of
And then when you exceed them.... aaaaahhhhh. 
The feeling of ‘wow, if I can do THAT formerly impossible thing, maybe I can do other impossible things too.’

Running is currently my limit that I’m pushing, mentally more than physically because I run by myself and no one would ever know if I quit, cut it short, or simply didn’t get out of bed.
And I am seriously tempted to do all of the above most weeks lol.

But the brain is funny- when you exercise your commitment and determination to push through a challenge in one area, it changes your approach to everything.

That business meeting with a tough personality? You can handle him.
That work deadline and project that has been plaguing you? You know how to break through.
That challenging family issue that needs dealt with? You will address and resolve it.
The long days juggling parenting and work commitments? You’ll get through it.

Yeah all those become easier when step by step you discover your ability to handle challenge, deal with setbacks, and persevere.

I see it in the studio when a woman completes an exercise she struggled with just weeks before- that inner pride and flow of confidence that changes her entire demeanor.
I see it over months of a program when a woman repeatedly discovers new strengths and abilities and it seems her entire personality takes on a new, positive, I-can-do-anything attitude.

So I too put myself in this crucible of challenge and use fitness to fortify my belief and my confidence that I can handle anything life throws at me, one day or one mile at a time.

What was the last challenge you faced, and conquered? How did you feel once you got through it?

What if you could feel like that every day, every week, just by doing a little more than you thought you could before?

What would the new, confident you take on next?

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