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Do you seek inspiration or abdication?

What to you take away from seeing other fitness success stories?


One of the greatest things about working with people towards their health and fitness goals being able to share success stories and progress made by those we work with. I love getting to share that someone’s figured out how to reprioritize her schedule, fit in fitness, take a fresh look at meal planning and grocery shopping, and make a plan for a healthier life.

And I love when the results they achieve, even in a short time, go on to inspire others that they too can make some change.

Things become a slippery slope though when you see somebody having success that you want to duplicate EXACTLY. As in you want to have the exact meal plan, grocery list, workout plan, and have it spoon fed to you.

It's dangerous to want to abdicate responsibility for doing the work yourself.

It’s not always a simple as just having the meal plan, having the work out plan, and the results just happen.

The missing piece that can’t be duplicated easily in terms of swiping somebody's specific plan is the will and the drive to actually take action.

It’s the will to take responsibility for your own success.

If everything was as simple as printing out a meal plan and printing out the perfect workout plan, everybody would be in shape right? But we know it’s not that simple.

So what do I hope you are inspired by when we share the success stories? I hope you look beyond the results of the specific plan they put in place, and see the actions, commitment, and the changes to their lifestyle that were really responsible.

People don’t get results because they hire a trainer, or they have a plan (though it's a good place to start.)

People get results when they commit to taking new actions. People get results when they own that nobody else can do this for them.

Even taken to the extreme of hiring somebody to do your meal prep to do your grocery shopping and to make everything simple in your world, nobody else can eat the food for you and make those decisions, or do the workouts for you and put forward the level of effort necessary to achieve the change in your body.

Having a plan is important, absolutely, and having support and accountability to follow makes executing a plan much easier.

But at the end of the day what I hope you take inspiration from is the will to execute, the responsibility to take your own actions, and follow in the footsteps of those who are making it happen for them.

No two people are exactly the same, and therefore no two plans are going to be exactly the same, and addition to that no two effort levels will be exactly the same. But you can control what you can control, which is your time, your energy, and your effort. Take responsibility for that, and then any number of plans will work in your favor.

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