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Are YOU the Hero You've Been Waiting For?

Are you a damsel in distress, or are you a hero in your own life?

Let me start today’s note with a spoiler alert: when it comes to your life and your goals, no one is coming to save you.

That may sound harsh. But what I mean is you already have everything that you need to take action and be proactive in the pursuit of your goals and dreams, so you don't NEED to wait for someone to come save you.

And furthermore, you also have the responsibility to do so. You can take and seize the power to change your own life.

You can and should be the hero of your own story.

be the hero of our own story

This may sound like I've been watching too much fantasy or GOT, but I really want to encourage and reinforce to the women out there to step up and not wait for someone else to swoop in and fix your problems or rescue you.

How does waiting for a hero instead of becoming your own show up in every day life? A few recent scenarios come to mind.

I’ve seen on a number of occasions people take that all important step and asked for help and support on their health and fitness journey, but then somehow there’s an expectation that every step of the way from there the responsibility is on the coach or the trainer, not on themselves.
They didn’t show up to work out because they forgot to put the appointment in their own calendar or they didn’t see the reminder.
They didn’t get results because they didn’t log their food or didn’t meal prep because they were confused, but they never asked for help or consult google or the resources at hand, they just waited until the next check in for us to tell them how to do it correctly.
Some didn’t find it easy to fit cardio in their existing schedules so they just didn’t do it because the answer wasn't readily apparent.

In these scenarios I would have to ask the person why they were waiting for somebody else to solve their problem. What could THEY have done differently? We have an online calendar and an app that host our entire schedule, so could they have logged onto double check their appointments or book a different time? Of course. We host a private Facebook group as well as offer email and text support, so when they hit a roadblock could they have reached out or ask the question of the collective? Of course they could’ve.

So why don’t otherwise intelligent and competent adults take initiative, take action, and take responsibility proactively for their own results?

This is a question I would love to answer.

I wonder if it’s because it’s easier to let somebody else do it.
I wonder if it’s because they doubt their ability to do things.
I wonder if it's because they are afraid of being judged for not having all the answers already.
I wonder if they’re just not in the habit of taking full responsibility for their own success.

And so I would ask you the same question. Where in your life are you sitting back and waiting for somebody to fix your problems? How could you be proactive and seek out a solution? What resources are at your fingertips that you can leverage? What tools and systems do you already have access to you’re just not full utilizing?

We live in an overly connected world with ample resources and opportunities literally at our fingertips on our mobile phones. I can think of very few scenarios where you wouldn’t be able to at least make a choice to move you in the direction of your goals.

The truth is that while asking for help is fantastic to have a plan and have support, it does not mean you get to abdicate complete responsibility for your own success. And really wouldn’t you want to reach your goal and know that YOU were the one that made it happen, not somebody else? Wouldn’t you want to feel that empowerment, that confidence, that pride in what you actually did? Of course you would!

So trust yourself! You are enough and you already have what it takes! You can be your own hero.

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