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4 Ways a Personal Trainer is Different


I’m not a doctor. 
I can’t prescribe a pill that will make all your bad moods go away and plaster that over with a nice neutral medically induced happy. 
What I can do is put you into a super positive, welcoming environment with other women to build you up, support you, encourage you, and make you laugh so your mood is instantly elevated. 

I’m not a plastic surgeon. 
I can’t change what you physically see in the mirror instantly. 
What I can do is help you change the way you see yourself. I can help you discover your strengths, celebrate your progress, feel empowered, and take control over your body and your fitness again. 

I am not a barista. 
I cannot provide you with caffeine in its myriad forms for a pick me up, quick fix or energy boost when you’re feeling low or sluggish. 
What I can do is teach you new lifestyle habits, get you into a workout routine that actually increases your energy every day so you don’t even need to see the barista often, and you'll sleep better too. 

I am not a relationship counselor. 
I am not trained to fix your romantic relationships or help your dating or married life. 

What I can do is help you learn to build your confidence so that you approach relationships a different way, and improve your fitness level so your intimate relationships becomes much more comfortable and satisfying.

I am NOT a lot of things that you may think you need.
But I AM a personal trainer and coach.
I DO believe you are 100% capable of becoming the best version of yourself, whatever that looks like to you; you just need the right guidance, support, accountability, and motivation to make it happen.
And time for the entire process to work. 

So I'm curious- what kind of help are you REALLY looking for?
What do you see in the mirror, and what do you really want to change about the way you feel every day?
We're here if any of these points resonate- just request more information in the box on this page and we'll reach out!


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