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The first step to change

I stumbled across this quote in my morning reading. The first step toward getting somewhere is deciding that you don’t want to stay where you are. That was originally from J.P. Morgan. 

the first step

And it got me thinking. 


As a coach in both the business and the fitness world, I’m in front of people every day who want something different for their life. They want to be successful, they want to achieve certain things. Want to be healthier, they want to be leaner, they want to look differently, they want to feel differently, they want some sort of different outcome for their world. 

And yet not everybody gets what they want. Have you ever set a goal you didn't achieve? (we all have, right?)

It occurred to me this morning that the true difference between the ones who succeed and the ones who don’t,  who may instead just sit and worry or wish or complain about not reaching their goal, have not yet truly made this very first step. It’s all important, as small or mundane as it may seem. 

The ones who truly make some change in their lives are the ones who have DECIDED to do so. Because at any real change begins in the mind. 

Your body, your business, your energy, your efforts, your finances, your relationships, nothing will change if you don’t first change your thoughts, and you do that by making a decision. It has to be conscious. And you have to be firm and clear. You have to mean it, not just want it.

Simply put, a true decision marks the fork in the road where you change directions.
A real decision means change is inevitable because you can’t continue doing the same things.
A real decision means your all powerful brain is then focused on ‘different’ and will work on your behalf to bring about your new goal. 

And until you truly decide to change, your brain will carry on with autopilot in the same direction you’ve been going because it’s safe, familiar, and it’s your pattern.

If you catch yourself complaining about where you are, sit back and see if you’ve ever consciously made a decision not to stay the same.

So to anyone sitting out there wondering "how do I get to my goal? How do I end up in a different place?" I’m a challenging you that first you must sit down to truly make the decision that you’re not gonna stay where you are. 

Once that’s done you can move forward. 

Once that's done the only way is forward, in a new direction. ;)


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