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How to make commitments not resolutions

It’s that time of year again… New Year’s.

Which means for many there are the celebratory New Year’s resolutions to kick off January 1!

And yes, statistically so many resolutions die before the end of January (i think the number is about 2/3!) because of the way they were set with an imbalance of intention or a lack of clarity on what the cost and plan to achieve the resolution would be.

So after years of coaching in both the fitness and the business realm, I want to share this tidbit with you: Instead of resolutions, set commitments.

What I mean by that is not that you just set a goal or resolution and call it a day, but you have to think about how to commit to small bite-size actions that you can control as opposed to just blindly aiming at the outcome itself which is the goal.

Too many people try to commit to extreme or the end result as opposed to the small simple things that are truly the linchpins in becoming successful and actually achieving your desired result.

This year I want you to reach your goals by committing to small things you can control, instead of burning out with big over-the-top ambitions but no clear plan.

I'm going to give you an example of how this works. This time of year almost everybody has a goal to lose weight. It’s just a realistic statistic of the times we live in. And yet rather than just make a resolution to "lose 20 pounds" you need to take it to the next step.

I want you to think about what one thing has to change for you to lose 20 pounds. Now I know there are 1 million tactics you could choose. But I want you to ignore all of yourself and determine the one major thing that needs to change or happen, you’re going to know what it is just based on self awareness, that will really be the difference maker to losing the 20 pounds.

It’s generally going to follow one of two categories for most people, either diet or exercise. Now for me personally, if I am working out four or five days a week, my eating habits automatically get better. My motivations stay high when I'm in an exercise routine. So for me, exercising consistently is the one thing that I have to commit to it if I want to see my body change.

But guess what? You have to take it a step further than that. Because you have to understand the costs of committing to that action.

If you’re setting a goal but unwilling to pay the costs, you’re never going to stick to it.

So what are the costs of working out at least four days a week? It could be many things. Make a list, which may include cost such as

  • Giving up Netflix and going to bed early.
  • Getting up an hour earlier even when it’s cold and dark outside.
  • Finding a workout buddy or hiring a trainer.
  • Investing in a program so that you have a specific plan of action.
  • Skipping happy hour so that you go to the gym instead.


It could mean a number of different things. But whatever the goal there’s gonna be costs. So make your list as to what it would take to actually achieve that one commitment that you know is necessary to reach your one goal.

Now I want you to do circle the costs that you’re actually willing to pay to achieve your goal. What’s critical here is you have to be willing to pay that price.

Now you should have a shortlist of just a couple things as you look into the new year. These are your commitments!

For the example above, I might need to commit to going to bed early, skipping Netflix, and finding a workout partner or trainer.

If you commit to those small actions on a daily and weekly basis, your resolution is an inevitable result of the efforts you will make.

That’s how it works you guys and that’s why this is so much better than just making a resolution!

So take it to that level. Choose your goal, choose the one action that will be critical to actually achieving it, and then list out the costs and circle the ones that you are actually willing to pay.

These are your New Year’s commitments. And that’s how you’re going to achieve and celebrate success!

I'd love to hear how this works for you! And if your commitment list includes hiring a trainer, drop your contact info in the box here and we'll reach out to see if we're a good fit for our North Charleston locals.

Make it a great year! -Katrina

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