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Are short workouts worth it?

Someone asked me if doing really short workouts, 10 or 12 minutes only, is worth the effort.

To answer the question is a 12 minute long work out worth it, my answer is an immediate yes!

And also, it depends.

It depends upon what you define as worth it, and what your goals are but even more than that what your expectation is.

If you have a bigger goal and want to change a lot more about your health and fitness, is a 12 minute workout enough to get you all the way there? Probably not. However if you get a 12 minute workout in every day for year do you think you’ll be a lot closer to that goal? Absolutely. So a 12 minute workout is absolutely worth it if you look at the option of 12 minutes or nothing.

If all you have is 12 minutes then absolutely go for it! If you have a choice of 12 minutes or 30 minutes, then the optimal answer depends on your goals and your overall plan and how it fits into your world.

I’m happy to share that this week for the past three days my strength training workouts of been 12 minutes or less. Do I believe they’re worth it? I absolutely do, and my sore muscles will be a testament to the fact they were effective!

So how do you make a 12 minute workout worth it? Three things to consider:

  1. Choose complex movements that worked the whole body. Don’t work one muscle at a time when you have limited time. Work everything and you’ll get more out of those 12 minutes.
  2. Minimize or eliminate rest periods. If you’re only going for 12 minutes, you want to push through to keep your heart rate elevated the whole time.
  3. Increase the challenge or intensity. Choose a heavier weight, choose more challenging exercises, choose a plyometric move instead of stabilized move, that way your body is gonna be required to exert more force and more energy so that you’re getting a lot more out of the short period of time.

You do all of that, and your 12 minute workouts will not just be worth it but you’ll be feeling the effects of them as much as if you were spent 30 minutes to an hour in the gym dawdling around.

Again we believe in working smarter not harder, and with our busy lives if you can fit it in smartly and make it part of your lifestyle, you’ll find a short workouts are absolutely worth the time and energy you put into them.

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