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5 Ways To Get Past A Fitness Rut

Inevitably it is going to happen.

Maybe once or twice a year. Maybe more often...but there is that ever-so-not-fun...RUT.

You know the feeling. Not as motivated (which is a nice way of putting it...). Staring at your gym shoes lying in the corner. Giving the bathroom scale the side eye. Moping around. Feeling the fitness routine ole burnout. Maybe even reaching for the Ben and Jerry's...

While having a healthy active lifestyle is the best thing ever, there are also challenges. You have to be self-motivating like. All. The. Time. Even if you're in a coaching program or working with a personal trainer, YOU are the only person with you 24/7, so YOU are the one who's going to have to make a change. 

So, how do you get your mojo back? 

1. First of all, deep breath and remind yourself...this happens to EVERYONE. I don't care who you are. I don't care how much energy you have. I don't care if you are just getting started or you are a fitness happens. 

2. Also, realize no matter what that this is temporary and a test. The truth is, not every day will you feel your best. I was joking the other day imagine if you ONLY worked out when you felt literally 100% (perfect diet, perfect sleep, perfect time of day, etc.). How often would workout (spoiler alert: not much)? SO we can't wait for everything to be perfect because it won't. WE have to find ways to keep moving anyway. And remember that when things AREN'T going so well that's a real test of strength (when everything is perfect....everything is easy). 

workout at 100 percent

3. Get back to focusing on your WHY. WHY are you working towards better health or fitness? I bet it is a combo of wanting to look better and feel more confident with wanting to feel better, stronger and have more energy. Maybe you're doing this for you. Maybe you're doing this to be a good example for your family, or to have the energy to keep up with grandkids. Whatever the big reason, remember to reconnect with it. Read through success stories or look back on progress you've already made. Revisit big and small goals you are working towards. Schedule an outdoor activity or healthy dinner with a friend just to do something healthy and social (you'd be surprised how much this can energize you). Rekindle that spark and motivation. Just be honest with yourself. Whether your motivation is to look amazing, be proud, be able to compete in a race or competition, or just be a better human and enjoy life...own it.

4. Switch it up. While good habits are great to get into (i.e. working at the same time every day or working from the same place), switching it up when in a rut has powerful results. Change is the spice of life. I'm sure someone said that at some point if not I'll take credit ;) That means (depending on your situation) changing the workout, changing the recipes, changing the time of day you train, adding a social element, trying a new class, learning a new activity like aerial silks or trapeze lessons, taking it out to nature.... These small changes be jolting (in a good way as in bye-bye rut).

5. Go after other passions and things that bring you joy. Yes, I know you are busy. *Golf clap* We are all busy. I never run into anyone that says "I'm just so NOT busy I have so much time and energy for everything!" But, is there a hobby you can bring back or a new one to try? A sport? An activity? Dancing lessons? For me, I like learning new things and exploring what my body can do when I'm taking care of it. I recently visited a circus fitness center and got to learn how to do acrobatics and climb aerial silks! It's fun, a stress reliever and gets the brain off work. How does that help you get out of a rut? When you do things that energize you, you'd be surprised how it affects everything else. 

And finally, don't expect overnight results (and rut be magically gone) but I promise you if you focus on those 5 things that rut will be outta here before you know it and you will be back to your rockin' focused self.

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