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Know you ARE capable

How many times have you hesitated committing to something because of the amount of work it was going to take to reach your goal, and the doubt you felt about your ability to get everything done or to be successful?

How many times? I'd imagine for most of us this happens more often than we care to admit. I've definitely seen it in my own personal life both with fitness as well as with business and other goals.

But here's the thing. Doubt is a dream killer. It has no substance, it just prevents us from achieving the greatness that we're capable of.

Because that's the truth. We ARE capable. If someone else in the world can accomplish something, there are no earthly or other reasons why you can't also achieve it. This is a universal truth. It doesn't mean there won't be work involved, doesn't mean it won't be a challenge, it just means that you ARE capable.

I believe that you are. I wouldn't be in the coaching business if I didn't believe that every single one of my clients could achieve their goals. (That will be a pretty crappy business otherwise wouldn't it?) But the truth is I know without a shadow of a doubt that you can reach your goals. I also know that it will take effort, support, self-love, and perseverance.

A lot of times that sounds like too much. You doubt your ability to handle it all. I'm here to tell you there's no room for doubt. I believe in you. The question is can you believe in yourself? Because whatever you believe will become a reality.

So this is a little reminder (we all need one from time to time) that your ARE capable of anything you wish to achieve.

Believe you can, and let's do this!

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