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You are Wonder Woman

You, lady, yes you!

And not just in the beautiful sense (though you are!).

I love coaching women because our gender is pretty spectacular- we take care of everyone in our world, family, friends and community. We invest ourselves in our work and add value to the world. We see beauty all around us. We fight fiercely for what we believe in, and we have a knack for tapping into a deep reserve of strength and grace when needed.

It's that last part that excites me the most- seeing a woman discover how physically strong and capable she is in addition to the mental and emotional strength she always leaned on. 

This is not about becoming a gladiator or Amazon necessarily- but rather feeling confidence in your body, feeling energy to push through the day, feeling muscle tone and ease of movement daily. Feeling empowered by your beautiful physical body and all it is capable of.

My wish for you is to discover this- to discover your strength, your confidence, and move through the world with ease and grace. I believe you are Wonder Woman, and I love the chance to show you this is true.

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