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Why You Need to Fall In Love With Yourself Again

I know it seems like a strange topic on a health and fitness blog, and not one that I had planned on writing. And yet there it is.

I've come to the realization that most people don't take enough time to reflect on how amazing they are, the best parts of themselves, and let themselves fall in love with themselves and their life again.

This revelation comes on the back end of a 48-hour immersion in memories my personal past and history. Hours of waiting through knick knacks and photographs. And my take away from it?

One of my many, however an important one I think, is that I was a pretty incredible kid, and therefore I'm a pretty incredible adult. When I look back up photos of myself, I don't see the imperfections, the cellulite, how far I've gotten out of shape, or how much I've aged.

All I see is the joy, the gregariousness, the intellect, the fun and light-hearted spirit, the ready smile, the goofy sense of humor, and how easily I wove myself into so many different circles of people over my early years.

I see the best parts of my nature. I see the me it wasn't yet a frightened or jaded by experience.

I see the me who loved too easily, and thoroughly, in the way that youth can do.

I see the me that wasn't afraid to try new things, and always strove to do her best at any task whether it was a writing or math contest or art competition.

I see the me who ate every opportunity in life up with a bottomless appetite, with a thirst for adventure, and appreciation for all of the experiences that it brought.

I see the strength, I see the potential, I see the eternal optimism that was already there.

I also see the many talents and latent abilities. I see all the creativity.

I look back on all these memories of myself my earlier years, and what I truly feel is both gratitude and appreciation. I see someone who had a knack for drawing people to her, even though she was a little bashful, goofy and sometimes introverted. I see someone who is living fairly authentically. I see someone who I might want to actually have a conversation with.

I suppose there's a little pride there but this is mostly gratitude for the way I lived, the life I had, and all the experiences that shaped me to become the person that I am. It’s a refreshing contrast to moments of self-doubt, of wondering if I’m on the right path, of worrying about what others see when they look at me.

That's what I mean when I say you should fall in love with yourself. Appreciate all your quirks, your evolution, the hilarious phases where your style was questionable at best, all the attempts at love learned and lost, all the friendships made.

I want you to fall in love with you youthful spirit, and those things that you were passionate about.

I want you to remember and fall in love again with the energy you brought to everything you put your mind to.

I want you to fall in love and appreciate your many talents. Have gratitude for the person that you were, because she's very much a part of the person you're becoming. And she's pretty awesome.

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