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It was an amazing opportunity to get to take the stage at the Center 4 Women Act.Aspire.Achieve. Annual Conference!

I know there was so much great content from the other speakers, and everyone was in that room for different reasons. I enjoyed getting to dive into some actionable goal setting and takeaways with you all, but as was mentioned, we barely scratched the surface of making an executable plan in all the different facets of our lives to truly move forward in an empowered, happy, fulfilled way. 

As noted, below you can click to download the complete 57 page goal setting workbook, which includes those daily action cards for accountability and tracking purposes. I recommend blocking out a few hours, curling up with a glass off wine or a mug of tea, and spending some time laying out the vision for your life so you can start working towards something more concrete. There's even some great visual board pages is you want to make mini vision boards across the 6 key areas to set goals. 

Thanks for your time and attention- and please reach out if I can help support you in some way!
-Katrina, Chief Empowerment Officer of reFORM Studios  (email me directly here!)

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