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Congrats to our amazing Client of the Month for January 2017, Rebecca F!!!

January 17 Client of the Month Rebecca

Meet Rebecca F

Occupation: Nurse, mom
Age: 40
Notable results: Down 15 lbs, and dropped from size 12 to size 6! Also has completed DOZENS of 5ks!

We asked Rebecca to share a little in her own words about her progress with us.

What made you decide you wanted to start a program?
I was wearing a size 12 and even those were getting tight, and I refused to move up to a larger clothing size. Also my kids love water, but I felt uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit. 

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

I have lost almost 15 lbs, gained muscle and confidence, trimmed off almost 8 inches, and have gone down 6 dress number sizes!

What do you like best about our program?

I like being held accountable for myself and my decisions I make about my health. My trainer knows my weaknesses and what I need to work on. 

What would you say to someone considering joining our program?

This program is completely worth it! The trainers know what they are doing, keep you focused, and keep you accountable for your actions.


We think the results and the smile on your face speak for themselves! Way to go Rebecca, you inspire so many others in our community! Keep running, keep working, and keep smiling! :D

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