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Rethink That Big Goal You Just Set

Okay okay, I know in the most recent post we said Not Another New Year's Resolution, but I also know you're going to set some goals anyway. And frankly that's okay! I would never suggest that going through life without goals is the way to go about things. I will suggest however that if you're determined to set a big goal or any resolution, that you think about it in a slightly different way. And also take the time to put first things first!

So many people rush ahead to set a big goal, based on what they see as a lack or not having the things they want currently. Everybody focuses on what we call the gap between where they are and where they want to be. And the sad thing about this is, if we keep focusing on the destination, we tend to look at the space between us and it. The distance to that goal seems to be one of those phenomenons that constantly stretches and that your goal always seems to continue to be out of reach. Especially if the focus is on the gap and not on the goal itself.

But what if instead of focusing on the whole big massive arrival point, (because you know as soon as we get there we're going to set a new goal right?!) we took a minute to appreciate the things we did achieve.

Let's shift focus from the gap (what we don't have) to revisit what we do have and all the things you've already achieved this year. Before you set your New Year's goal, take out a sheet of paper and write down literally every accomplishment or thing you feel good about from this past year. Big or small! Think really hard and make an awesome list of all the progress you made this year that you may have forgotten about because you're focused on what's next.

At this point, you should feel pretty good about yourself, and about what you have the potential to achieve moving forward! So now you should be in a good place and think about what it is you want to do this year, what you want to achieve, how you want to live, any bucket list items you'd like to check off.

But instead of thinking of these goals as destination points, you need to ask yourself these questions:
- What would you have to do differently every day to achieve your big goal?
- What habits will you have once you finally arrive at your goal? (Yes I said the h-word - habits!) We are what we repeatedly do, so if you have a big goal you’d like to get to, you need to think about who you have to become to achieve that goal.

Rather than focus on what you want to achieve 6 months from now or a year from now, ask yourself what would you have to do in the next 24 hours to move yourself just one inch closer to your goal? That's it! If you ask yourself this question day in and day out, and slowly build the habits necessary for achievement, you'll be at your goal in no time. And it's a much easier undertaking when it's in 24 hour chunks, instead of one huge year. Think about it! That's the secret, so get to it.

And if health and fitness is one of the habits you know you need to incorporate to achieve your own personal goals this year, you're in luck! We're kicking off our 4-week Balanced Habits Kick Start on January 20th. Registration is limited to 50, but this is going to be the program if learning how to eat better, and managing your nutrition and health habits is one of the areas that you're going to need to focus on. It's a nationally proven program, and we can't wait to get 50 more Charleston locals through it again this January! Apply for a spot now before they're all gone.

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