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Today, thousands and thousands of women across the Nation are celebrating being strong amazing women. The purpose of the day? To encourage women to take control of their health: to learn the facts they need to make smart health choices, and to make time for regular physical activity. National Women’s Health & Fitness Day is a great opportunity to take a minute from busy work and personal schedules and focus on your health & well-being.

Here is 8 of our TOP – Healthy & Happy Habits for Women to follow:

1. Have Breakfast (hopefully you've already had yours today!)

We have probably all heard this one before…yet people still tend to fail it! Having breakfast is important for a number of reasons:
• It starts off your metabolism
• It stops you from overeating later on
• Supports your concentration

If you are not a breakfast person – keep it light with a an easy smoothie (we've shared some simple recipes on our Facebook Page.. here's a RED VELVET ONE!) or some yogurt, fruit & nuts; JUST DON'T SKIP IT!

2. Plan Your Meals & Snacks

Most of all we believe meal and snack preparation is the key to successful weight loss because meal prep keeps you in control of what and when you eat, keeping you safe from having to reach out for fast unhealthy options.

3. Water, More Water and Even MORE Water!

Staying hydrated is itself very important, but it may also help you lose weight. Try avoiding sugary drinks that are linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes, and chose water instead. A good rule of thumb is to drink about half your body weight in ounces of water (or more!).

TIP: If you are not a big fan of plain water, add some flavor with mint or slices of orange, lemon, lime, watermelon, or cucumber. Not to mention this will help to detoxify your body and it tastes delicious!

4. Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep keeps you in a better mood, sharpens your memory and focus, and helps you learn new things. In the long run, it lowers your risk of heart disease.

We recommend to aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Following a sleeping routine by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day will help to run on your internal alarm clock, hence keeping you on the top of things.

Bed Time Prep Tips: Turn off your phone or place it on a surface across the room so you don't end up Pinteresting or Facebook stalking all hours of the night. Read a few pages of a book to help your eyes get heavy. Try drinking some decaffinated tea before bed (something calming like camomile) or maybe do a word puzzle.

5. Take on Some Exercise

Commit to YOU & your health & fitness goals. If you haven't already, start getting active. Make it a point to take a walk after work for 20 minutes, jog for a minute every 4 minutes to get your heart rate up. Dust off those at home workout videos and pop them in. Or join a local fitness program (find one that has a team who is equally (if not more) committed to you and your goal).

We've got a special program just for the Lowcountry's ladies, CLICK HERE or reach out to us for details 843-284-3340

6. Get Offline

Checking your email and social media a lot? Yes, of course you are! We all do it! Get some time to get away from the online world and put you phone down. Cut back on the screen time and go for a walk, read a book, or get creative.

Open your window, breathe some fresh air, do some light stretches or sun salutation, or go far a quick stroll outside. It’s great for your body and mind.

7. Celebrate Your Success

It's 100% OK (and encouraged) that you show off your amazing progress! Don't be afraid to share your sweaty selfie or #OOTD that shows off your toned arms and legs. And YES, you can be your own #WCW! You've worked hard, celebrate it!

8. Have Gratitude & Stay Positive

While pursuing your fitness journey, there will be bumps in the road. It is important to stay positive. Think about all the progress you have made.. and not just the number on the scale. Think about your energy levels and how they've changes, the comments you've received from friends and family, how excited your kids are to see you keep up with them. Have gratitude in all the things that you have. These things will help you keep going :)

What to do next?

Finally, take on one healthy habit at the time until it becomes a routine for you. Furthermore, take on another healthy habit until you have covered all 8 of them and became the supper healthy & happy person you always wanted to be!

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