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To eat or not to eat? Breakfast that is! That is the big question. For many people breakfast seems to be an afterthought. And yet the old adage tells us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? So which is it? In truth, that depends a little bit on you. But as a general rule eating something within a couple hours of waking up is a really good idea. So why should plan ahead before dashing out the door without eating? Well here's a few good reasons.

1 - Prevent that mid-morning energy slump! Do this by having a satisfying breakfast including protein and healthy fats. To keep your energy revved up and stable all day, it's great to start out with a balanced breakfast. I'm not talking about just grabbing a granola bar to go. That is almost 100% carbohydrate content. That's going to process very quickly and leave you feeling a bit of a drag a few hours later which is when most people reach for that second cup of coffee or energy drink or soda. However, if you plan ahead to have a more complete breakfast, you might just find your morning energy much more sustainable. Bonus you won't need that Red Bull or other caffeinated drink of choice too!

2 - Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism. While you're sleeping, you're technically in a fasting mode. Your body knows energy isn't coming in, so it goes into a resting mode as far as your metabolism is concerned. It's conserving energy. And even though you might get up and start your day, maybe even try to get a workout in, until you bring energy in again, that conservation mode doesn't get switched off. So the people who like to wait until lunch time or beyond for their first meal, you’ve essentially missed a 6-hour potential metabolic window! How much do you think you could have been burning during those six hours?? A good amount! More than the calories in that breakfast you skipped. So if you think you're doing yourself a weight loss favor by not having breakfast, think again.

3 - You're busy and on-the-go so you actually need the energy! We occasionally see clients who come in for a midday workout and haven't had a scrap to eat all day! And naturally they find themselves feeling a bit faint or dizzy during their workouts. What this is telling you is that your brain can't find enough blood sugar to function! Chances are you probably haven't eaten for at least 12 hours and maybe even 18 hours in the case of dinner the night before! That is a long time! Of course you're not going to function optimally without readily available energy. Yes, we all have stored upped body fat, but it’s a longer process to break that down and access it. The energy needed for quick bursts, to keep your brain functioning optimally and to tackle what will probably occur during the first half of your day, would be much better served coming from a fresh source. You'll feel less sluggish and be able to take on more.

 So for those of you whose problem is thinking you don't need to eat, there's your answer! For the handful of you who would like to eat breakfast but always find yourself without enough time, I encourage you to research a few recipes like an egg muffin or a protein shake, that you can have readily available so you get that all-important nutrition in in the morning. Give it a try for a week or two, and see how your day changes! You might be surprised.


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