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Admit it. You've given in to the hype about the 3-Day cleanse or the 7-Day Flat Belly diet or the Atkins diet or any other of the various “quick fix” diets. You probably tried more than a few because you always hoped that the promises they made would ring true. Even though a tiny little voice in the back your head was telling you “that's not the way your body works.”

 So how do we get ourselves off the fad diet roller coaster? Let's start with being honest with ourselves. When you do one of those crash diets, you're actually losing a little bit of water weight and maybe even some precious muscle mass along with it if you restrict your calories too far. Is that what you want? No! I think the other side you have to be honest about is how long did it take you to get to your current level of health and fitness? Did it happen in three days? Did it happen in seven days? Probably not. So I think the first step is to accept the fact that if you want a better body long-term, you need to change those long-term habits. What works? Eating better quality foods, watching your portion sizes, and moving your body.

 It sounds simple right? I know it's much harder in practice. We live in an instant gratification society that wants results in the quickest and easiest way possible. The problem with these results is they don't last. You may have heard the quote “insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” Absolutely true for your health and fitness and your body. If you don't change the habits and the lifestyle that got you to where you are in the first place, you're going to snap right back to where you used to be after you finish that “diet.”

So focus on those habits. Start making slightly better choices, one meal at a time. Take it one day at a time and think about doing things that are good for your body. Have you eaten vegetables today? How about a glass of water? How about a walk during your break? Believe It or not these little things add up if you do them day in and day out. So let's all get off the roller coaster and think about actually living better. Not sure where to start? Ask! That's what we're here for.


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