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Congratulations to you! You settled into a great routine at home that includes eating healthy foods, planning ahead and fitting in your workout. And then... You have a trip either for family or for work. Now what? Is all your hard work down the drain? Absolutely not! Healthy living is all about habits that you can maintain and it’s about making smart choices regardless of the situation. Here's a few quick tips for staying fit on the go.

First - Plan ahead! Depending on where your destination is you can plan ahead by identifying when and how you will stick to your health and fitness goals. Does this mean packing workout gear so that you can use a hotel gym? Does this mean rethinking your schedule of your trips that you can squeeze in time here and there for healthy activities? Or does this mean planning restaurant menu options that are more in alignment with your goals? Either way, planning and preparing is the best way to succeed.

Second -  Make healthy choices easier. If you're going to be spending a lot of time in a car or a plane, you know that eating healthy on the go is not easy when it comes to the convenient food options you have. So make sure to pack healthy snacks and things that are portable that will keep you on track and satisfy you without having to go through a drive-thru or pick up something fast and convenient that isn't going to make you feel good. One of the biggest challenges I see with travelers is having to have convenient food or airport food.

Third - Be realistic with yourself. If you're going on a family vacation, don’t forget to get you exercise in. You know you're not going to feel happy or good about that. You don’t have to sacrifice quality family time either. There's still ways that you can have amazing quality time with family and be active. Can you take a group hike together or a walking tour? Can you get up 20 minutes early to do a little bit of a Tabata workout in your hotel room before starting your day? Absolutely. Be a little lenient with yourself, and know that if you can at least keep some small habit of getting a little movement and making smart food choices going, you won't completely sabotage your efforts. Ask your trainer or research some body weight workouts that you can do anywhere, with no excuses, or no equipment needed.

 This will prevent getting frustrated because where you're staying doesn't have a gym, or you don't have time to get to a gym when you're traveling. The less excuses you can give yourself, the more likely you are to succeed. So enjoy those trips, without throwing in the towel. You can travel and stay fit and healthy too!

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