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Don't be afraid to lift heavy, ladies!

I wanted to follow up on my post about getting rid of the light, cutesy paperweights as part of your workout routine. I still find that so many women are afraid to lift heavy for fear of what they think it will do to their bodies. So I have a news flash for you - you're already lifting heavy in your everyday lives and you don’t even realize it! I’ve got a couple of great examples for you.

Care to take a guess at how much your purse weighs?? I have seen so many women I know lugging around 10, 15 and 20 pound purses filled with everything under the sun. Most of us do this every single day without a second thought. So if your dumbbells weigh less than your purse, you might be ready to upgrade.

For all those mothers out there with infants or toddlers, how much does your child weigh? How about all the fur mommies? How much do your puppies or kitties weigh? Are you picking up a 20 or 30-pound toddler? How about walking, hugging or picking up a small puppy or dog or even in some cases a very large cat? As mothers, I know you don’t think twice about picking up your babies. Well, babies grow fast and soon you’ll notice that they’re getting heavier and it might be harder for you to lift them. This is just one reason I encourage you to consider strength training with weights that are comparable to your child; it will make that process even easier!

Another great example is those groceries you haul all by yourself! We’ve all done it, loading ourselves up with six to eight bags of groceries to make the short journey from the car to the house. Do you know how much weight you're probably carrying? It's definitely double digits!

I’m bringing this to your attention to show ladies that we’re already lifting double-digit weights. We're lifting weights every single day. It's part of life! And guess what? We don't look like bodybuilders. We don't look like Schwarzenegger. Lifting this kind of weight and going about life is not going to turn you into something that actually takes a lot of dedicated work, effort and special education to achieve. I promise it won't happen to you! You’re not going to turn into a bodybuilder overnight.

Using substantially sized weights in training is important because of our lifestyles. We are constantly having to move things, lift things, pick things up and put them down, so we need to incorporate some real resistance into our training! We're training for real life here ladies. Yes, we'd like to look and feel better, but the reality of it is our everyday lives call for us to find our Inner Strength!

So the next time you have a chance, don't be afraid of those double digit weights. You've totally got this! You've been training all along.

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