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June Client of the Month!

Name: Leslie Jones

Age: 37

Occupation: Trident Tech IT Department

This past April, Leslie Jones came in for a consultation. She was hesitant because she had tried other things on her own to lose weight and get healthy but never really got the results she wanted. Fast forward two months and Leslie was already down 28.2lbs and 13.75 inches! She was ecstatic! She kept going, ate healthier, cut out all the sugary drinks and stayed active both in and outside the studio. Five weeks later, Leslie was down another 17.8lbs and 11.75 inches.. bringing her down a total of 46bs and 25.5 inches!! Leslie is a serious rockstar and we’re so proud of her dedication and drive. Way to go!

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

I joined reFORM Studios because I was depressed about how my body felt. I felt slow, I could barely breathe or play with my kids anymore and I just wanted to get back to a place where I felt confident about my weight and my health.

What healthy changes have you implemented in your lifestyle since joining?

I am very health conscious about what I put into my body. I drink more water than I used to, but I could drink more and I exercise.

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

46lbs down and 24.5 inches down. That in its self is a great achievement but the things that I'm proud of the most is I'm more focused, I don't have that brain fog anymore at work and I'm less tired, I'm less agitated. I can talk to people now and feel o.k. talking to them because i used to be so self conscious about my weight and my size. I couldn't look people in their face because that's how self conscious I used to be.

What do you like best about your program and having a trainer?

I think the best part is when i tried to do it on my own i had no one other than myself, it was my own personal struggle. But with a personal trainer you have someone to back you up and you want to make this person proud. She is putting in her effort and her time to make sure that I get to a place where I want to be. It's nice to have someone who is very knowledgeable and can answer your questions and can share their joy with you when you reach your goals.

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