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Recently, one of Charleston’s most well-known personal training studios, reFORM Studios, helped local company Stealth Concealment Solutions take on the TakeDown Challenge™, a nationally recognized nutrition weight loss program. As the first corporate wellness TakeDown Challenge™ participants in the Charleston region, they have some impressive statistics to share. As a group of just 15 participants they lost a combined 133 lbs! Here’s what Elizabeth M, the “biggest loser”, has to say about her experience with Challenge:

“I noticed that my energy levels were low and the stress I was constantly under was taking a toll on my joints. I really wanted to improve my overall health and lifestyle, so I joined the TakeDown Challenge. I lost 16.4lbs, 8 inches and 7.4% bodyfat! This was definitely a great, easy, tasty way to jumpstart my body transformation!”  

And the best part? They did that in just 4 short weeks, while still eating real food and receiving group nutrition and fitness support from reFORM Studios.

On May, 13th reFORM Studios is doing it again- they’ll be kicking off an open-to-the-public version of the nationally recognized weight loss challenge, The TakeDown Challenge™. Each person who registers for this challenge will receive 4 weeks’ worth of nutritional tips and education, menus, grocery lists, easy to follow (and family friendly) recipes and group activities just for participants.

The TakeDown Challenge™ weight loss program is the “new wave” in nutrition.  The program is growing across North America for two synergistic reasons:


  1. Participants report getting better results faster than with any other nutrition program, and
  2. People learn while doing the program.  This explains why they stick to it and get better results.


 “We’re very excited about this program and so is the community,” says Katrina Cobb, Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of reFORM Studios. “We were very excited to connect with Carolyn Fetters, who founded the TakeDown Challenge™, and bring it to the Charleston region.”

“America’s girth is growing because everyone is so busy and time-crunched. They struggle to fit traditional good eating habits into their day, and when pressed, it’s the first thing they drop,” Fetters says- Creator of The TakeDown Challenge™. “The problem is a lack of knowledge, accountability, camaraderie and support within a structured environment.  When you can start your day with good nutrition before anything else can interfere, and keep it simple by going back to the basics, you are more likely to succeed all day.  Also, when you add a structured environment of supportive people, participants really thrive,” says Fetters.

The TakeDown Challenge™ lasts 28 days.  “That’s all it takes for anybody to become empowered with the habit of good nutrition, and to be on their way to a lifetime of good health,” explains Cobb. “We love the fact that most people continue with the program after the four weeks because they love the recipes, the increase in energy and it just plain works!  We’re completely confident in our ability to provide everyone with good sound nutrition no matter what the condition,” Cobb concludes.


People of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. The “progressive programming” of TDC is perfect for everyone. Registration is up and running for reFORM Studios’ next round of The TakeDown Challenge™ and will end on May 6th. You can learn more or register online at

If you’re interested in bringing The TakeDown Challenge™ to your office as part of your wellness program, then give reFORM Studios a call using the phone number listed at the top.


As both and athlete and an entrepreneur, Katrina Cobb brings her experience with fitness and nutrition coaching as well as a realistic understanding of the demands of modern lifestyle to the many different clients at reFORM Studios. Her experience in fitness combined with the resources added by bringing in nationally recognized programs like the Fetter’s TakeDown Challenge and nutrition coaching make Katrina uniquely qualified to help people with the challenges of healthy living.

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