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Are ABS really made in the kitchen? If you've been following the fitness industry for the last couple years you may have seen this or other similar quotations. The great debate is almost as big as the age old question, “which came first the chicken or the egg”. So what really is more important in terms of getting the body that you want? Is it healthy nutrition or a is it a solid exercise program? The truth is you're going to need both. But to really burn the body fat and change your body composition so you can see all the muscles you're working on with your fitness routine, you absolutely need to be paying attention to nutrition. It's just pure science, plain and simple, the only way to reduce fat is to burn more than you're eating and to eat the right types of things to fuel the lean muscle that you'd like to keep. But there's good news! We're not talking about starvation diets or crazy cleanses. We're talking about sensible eating. We're talking about BALANCED nutrition. It IS true that you can still eat wonderful and tasty things, many of which you already like, and still get the body transformation you've been looking for.

 We've seen it time and again in our studio. The important role of nutrition in health and fitness is one of the reasons we brought on structured nutrition programs to supplement our personal training programs. What we found in the past is that you simply don't get results as quickly if you're not really honing in on the nutrition side in addition to your workouts. To show you the science and the math behind exercise and nutrition, it takes about 3500 calories burned to burn through an extra pound of fat. Yes, that's kind of a lot. And no you can't burn all that in a good hour long workout or even a two-hour long workout. You simply can't. On the flip side, you can easily go over your daily calorie intake in one sitting with one meal out and a few drinks. That's why the scale tips so far out of your favor on the food side of life. You may have also heard the old adage, you can't outrun a bad diet. Well you can’t out-exercise one either. Small movement is important to fitness and strength is important to get that lean toned muscle that you're looking for. If you want to ever be able to get any definition or reduce your clothing size or trim down you're going to need to address your nutrition.

 Not sure where to start? Using a food journal such as MyFitnessPal is a great place. But if you're looking for more help than that we've discovered an amazing program that we run out of our fitness studio. It’s offered by a company called Balanced Habits out of California who's been mastering nutrition and exercise science for 20+ years. The most fun way we found to get involved and start changing your eating habits is through their 4-week challenge called The TakeDown Challenge. It's a nice, intense, short-focus challenge geared towards fat loss (not just weight loss but specifically FAT loss). It’s in a fun, group format and includes recipes, individualized portions, meal plans, balanced nutrition guidance and support and activities. Since bringing this program on a year ago we've helped Lowcountry residents lose hundreds of pounds in the couple of challenges that we participated in. It's only offered 3 times a year however, and our next one begins in May, so if you're interested in getting rid of some extra body fat then head over to to learn more and snag a spot in our TakeDown Challenge. It's true what they say, abs are made in the kitchen, but we can help! Let's get your kitchen rocking and get your food and nutrition working for you!!

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