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How to become a life-changing personal trainer in 5 easy steps.

Step 1) Pursue another normal career, work like crazy, get stressed out, get unhappy. Put your health and fitness on the back-burner and experience all the pain and added stress it creates. Well, maybe this isn't really the first step but that was my first step. And it's been an important part of my journey and also the journey of many of my coaches and best personal trainers that I know.

Step2) Decide that you are ready for change. Research health and fitness, research exercise science, research good nutrition. Put yourself through the program and maybe even hire a personal trainer. Start to take small steps and commit to changing your life. Do something crazy, set a big goal and achieve it, like training for and completing a half marathon. Experience what it feels like to personally go through the process of change.

Step 3) Help a friend or family member do the same thing. Discover that you loved this process, the changes it has brought and how much more powerful and confident you feel as a result of it. Realize that that is so much more fulfilling and you feel more passionate about this process than you do about your other career which brought nothing but stress. Decide that you like the rewarding feeling of helping others and want to make that a part of your life. Fall in love with helping people.

Step 4) Take it to the next level. Get a formal certification, degree or credential and continue your education in the field of Health and Fitness. There are many different options out there from home study to weekend courses. You can go to a tech school or obtain a full-on academic degree. Whatever path inspires you, pursue it to the extent of becoming an expert in that particular area of Health and Fitness. For me it was personal training and nutrition. I passionately pursued both and have recently started to research the psychology behind behavioral change and how to help people help themselves by getting the mind right first.

Lastly, Step 5) Make it a career. This can be working for somebody else, at a gym or a private studio. It could be going out on your own and starting your own business. Either way, commit to this new path centered around helping other people and enjoy this new passion. Enjoy the success stories you have a chance to help create. If you can do this, you'll be changing lives day after day after day and you'll never look back.

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