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We're not yet historic, but we're making history! It’s easy to forget how quickly we’ve grown as a business until we’re reminded by someone who asks us how this whole reFORM Studios thing got started. This week we thought we’d share a little snippet of our studio history. reFORM Studios is a 100% homegrown, local, woman-owned business. It began almost by accident when the founder Katrina made a career change and soon found herself training clients in a park on her own and looking for a home for a new idea.


Flashback to about 6 years ago when Katrina was working in an architecture firm in San Francisco. Her younger sister, who was a personal trainer at the time, had moved to Charleston and that, coupled with a combination of events involving a wedding, a deployment, and kismet, inspired Katrina to move to Charleston to be closer to her family, with the aim of trying something different. It was a decision that would not only change her career but her life in the process. In her early days as a personal trainer in a big local gym, Katrina instantly fell in love with training and motivating her clients but thought there was a better opportunity out there when it came to the client experience. Soon she had the chance to help a colleague build a private fitness studio and that's when the light bulb clicked.


The most amazing thing she witnessed during after helping open a private studio was the natural community building amongst clients when they were in a private setting. It felt more like family than just some big, impersonal gym. Clients who would come on a regular schedule would get to know the other clients who trained before and after their sessions. Little friendships formed and that led to people meeting up to go on walks, for lunches and social activities, and supporting each other towards their goals. This was such an amazing phenomenon and it happened so naturally that Katrina's first thought was, 'How can we actually foster that same culture and create something even more amazing?'


After an abrupt departure from that private studio, she was in the position to either choose to find a way to make the vision happen, or leave the fitness career. Katrina spent the next 4-5 months training outside in the park with nothing but a TRX, a few free weights and a dozen or so loyal clients. But she had a vision for what an amazing private training studio could be and the impact it would have on the local community. With a little bit of love, some hard work and some help from friends and family, she found the perfectly quirky commercial real estate spot in Park Circle. She had a couple fitness friends come together and build a social media campaign to help raise funds for the initial move in. That was in the summer of 2012 and, as they say, the rest is history. reFORM Studios began the community movement, has been steadily building and the team that has evolved has not looked back since. Almost four years into this journey, we know there's so many more exciting things to come, especially as the second location in Summerville has recently opened.


Summary of fun facts about reFORM Studios.

  1. We are a locally owned 100% woman-owned small business.
  2. We were initially founded with donations and funds from the local community, friends and family. We're absolutely a grassroots business.
  3. We believe that a supportive and positive community is the best way to make a lifestyle change.
  4. We believe that having fun mixed into the workout and lifestyle change process makes it much easier and much more enjoyable.
  5. We believe that when we help one person change we help them influence their entire family, circle of friends, coworkers, and neighbors. So we're on a mission to help 300 families by the end of 2017.

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