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Continuing with the theme of taking better care of yourself and showing yourself a little bit more love, one of the ways that we could do this is in managing our levels of stress better. Admit it, we all carry a lot of stress on a daily basis, some of us just happen to be better at finding ways to manage it than others. Everyone handles stress differently, so rather than tell you to go for a run or workout or meditate as a means of managing your stress, today I want to share with you something even simpler, that anybody can do, anywhere, in just a few minutes. This could have a profound effect upon your overall stress levels.

What is this little stress busting miracle? It’s very simple, it’s called gratitude. It is actually impossible for you to be stressed out and grateful at the same time. They’re two completely different functions on the emotional scale that you can't possibly be both simultaneously. So the simple act of taking your frame of mind from one of stress and thinking about all the things you don't have or are worried about, and instead switching to a state of gratitude for what you actually do have, brings an amazingly powerful change in your thought process. You can focus on anything that you are grateful for. You can be grateful for any accomplishments you have, for the people around you or even grateful for a simple gesture or small victory.

One of the most positive habits you can develop for yourself is to keep a gratitude journal. Because our society is so technology-driven, there is less emphasis on actually writing things down on paper. Personally, I think it makes you feel more connected to yourself to pick up a pen and put your thoughts to paper. But there's also apps or other methods to help achieve the same effect. So, at the end of the day it's about choosing something that works for you. But here's how it works. Before you go to sleep, think about three things that you're grateful for each day. You will have days when you're having a rough time and you might only be grateful for that hot cup of coffee that morning or getting a decent night's sleep the night before, that’s ok. But hopefully most evenings we would be grateful for a lot of things. Things like family, a fun event or memory, quality time with loved ones, there are so many things. The challenge is, to keep this journal by your bed and do the same exercise every night. Think about three things that happened that day that you're grateful for. Do this consistently for at least 7 days and you'll feel a marked difference in the amount of stress you carry around.

Just imagine doing this for a month, how many things you could look back on and be absolutely grateful for. How much easier it would be for you to focus on the positive in your world instead of the negative. If you need a little help, we've put together a downloadable planner that you can use with space for writing down three things you're grateful for every day. This is our gift to you and we hope that you'll use it.




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