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It’s February, love is in the air, Hallmark is going crazy and everything is pink and red. So much attention is focused on romantic love this time of year in the fitness coaching world that, just for a moment, we’d like to focus on self-love. Because let's be honest you must love yourself first before you can truly be able to give of yourself to somebody else. And while loving yourself might sound easy in theory, sometimes it's much more difficult in practice.

Part of loving yourself is accepting that it's okay to want to move forward and letting go of the fear of moving backwards. One way in particular in which we see women sabotaging themselves and demonstrating a lack of self-love is when it comes to clothing. We tend to be the hardest critics of what we're wearing and have a really hard time managing our closet and how we present ourselves. Especially where weight loss is involved.  One of the biggest challenges we see with weight loss clients is when they finally reach a healthy weight and size, they are hesitant, fearful and even unwilling to relinquish or give up their older, larger wardrobe. This is sneaky, subtle form of self-sabotage, it's all based in the fear that they are going to backslide and gain all the weight back.

The truth is, holding onto these bigger clothes means you haven't let go of your old self. It means you're giving yourself the excuse to go back to your old ways. Let's face it ladies, if we have a bad week or two, become stressed, gain a few pounds and our clothes start getting tight, what do we normally do? We become overwhelmed by the fear of returning to our former selves that we surrender to it and completely give up. If you've already committed to moving forward and living healthier, being more fit and owning your new size, you will regroup, reassess and get back on track. But if you have held on to your old clothes, which are tied to your old habits, that gives you absolute permission to go back to your old ways. Because all you have to do is dig in the back of your closet and put on those big pants again and suddenly you are back where you started.

To me this is the most insidious form of self-sabotage because it's completely subconscious and it's really a shame. The reality of loving yourself and celebrating your progress moving forward is just that, a celebration! There should be something almost ceremonial about getting rid of the old clothes that no longer serve you, that no longer look great, no longer make you feel fabulous and don't represent the new you. I encourage you to practice self-love if you're working on weight loss. That's not to say you can't love yourself in any size, but if you make the decision to move forward and you reach a goal, you need to accept the fact that it's OK to celebrate. It's okay to let go of the old and move forward with the new.

This year I encourage you to love the progress you're making, love the woman you're becoming, and be okay with not looking back. Let go of the old you. You don't have to hold on so hard out of fear. Love yourself enough to not give yourself that excuse. Love yourself enough to trust in the process and your progress and love yourself to trust your commitment to the new you.

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