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Our first reBOOT Obstacle Course of 2016 was a SUCCESS! We had a great turn out for the cool, brisk Saturday morning that it was and everyone who attended was pumped and ready to crush the course. We mapped out a 1.5 mile course that started at our studio and took our participants around the half mile Park Circle, finishing back at our studio. We had a total of 12 obstacles throughout the course that included everything from bench step-ups to bear crawls and crab walks to various exercises in between and ended with a final sprint to the finish through several tires. By the end of the course, participants were dripping beads of sweat, breathing heavy and chugging water! We loved seeing all the new faces as well as current and former reFORM members and their families! We are so proud of each and everyone them for conquering the challenging reBOOT Obstacle Course!

Everyone getting warmed up before the start!

Toe Taps, Plank Rows, and Mountain Climbers Galore!

Nothing like a bear crawl and crab walk to start the day!


We've got some tickets to the gun show!

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