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Founder Katrina explains the meaning behind reFORM Studios personal training business name.

What's in a name? We could call our private personal training studio here in North Charleston any number of things, so why reFORM Studios? And why the 're' in the name? The answer is best explained in a short video clip from Katrina herself!

We're nearly celebrating 3 years in business, and have a big goal of helping 300 people in the lowcountry #GetreFORMED in the next 2 years! If you know someone who is ready to reAssess, reBuild, reCreate, or reFORM their health or fitness, tell them to request a private consultation with reFORM Studios! ;)

reFORM Studios Personal Training, 1081-B East Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405 // 843-284-3340

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