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#1 is Personal Empowerment!

Making a commitment to self-care is empowering and affirming

empowerment through self-careI've been hearing a lot of positive feedback lately from our personal training clients, and as it happens NONE of the comments have to do with weight loss! "I know I just started, but I already feel so much better." "My family commented that I seem happier." "I look forward to this time, just for me, even if its only 30 minutes. It feels good just to show up." "This is my main source of stress relief and stress management." That's not to say that clients don't come to us for help with losing weight or getting healthier, but I think it's important to note that one of the most immediate and beneficial side effects of committing to do something positive for your health and fitness is simply the empowerment you feel! Think about it- your action when you make a commitment to a fitness program is affirming your own self worth. Walking through our doors and then signing up for a program is the equivalent of telling yourself "I AM worth it." Showing up each day for a 30 minute workout sessions says to yourself "This time is for ME, for my benefit." It doesn't matter how far you have to go to reach your goals, these positive affirming thoughts and benefits happen from Day 1! You've made a personal, financial, and time commitment to do something nice for yourself. You're commitment says "I am valuable, my health is valuable, I deserve to take care of myself." The message here is one of love not of guilt. This is the epitome of self-care! Let's talk about guilt for a minute. Commitment to your own needs does not have to come at the expense of the other people in your life! (Moms/wives, do you hear me?!) Your commitment to your own fitness or well-being will absolutely expand to benefit others in your lives. (Check out this recent post for Best Kept Self on 6 ways putting your health first benefits your relationships!) Understanding that you can approach making a financial and time commitment to your own needs will actually benefit others may help reduce any guilt you instinctively feel at this new commitment. There's something truly empowering in just making a decision to do something good for yourself. It doesn't matter how long you've been THINKING about doing something, WISHING you could do something, or WANTING to do something. It doesn't matter if you've been beating yourself up for NOT doing something sooner. The minute you DECIDE and COMMIT to do something for yourself, you feel really great! You may feel relieved, relaxed, calm, hopeful, or elated, but you typically feel a major emotional shift. That's also one of the main reason why even after reaching an initial goal, you might consider continuing to make a commitment of time and money to spend on yourself to benefit YOU. Once you've empowered yourself to put yourself first, you can set new goals, and appreciate just making yourself a priority a couple times a week. Making a commitment to a fitness program, like our comprehensive private personal training or semi-private training programs, is a great way to implement self-care and empower yourself, but there are lots of others too!
  • book a massage or spa treatment
  • schedule time to go walk with a friend
  • join an activity group
  • sign up for a class to learn a new skill
  • block out time for meditation, a book, or a hot cup of tea
The bottom line is that while you may have goals for self-improvement, simply committing to take action is hugely empowering and affirming, which is a major benefit all on its own. And you ARE worth it! Ready to empower yourself by committing to a fitness program? Request a free consultation to chat about options of working here at our private studio!
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