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My Sweaty Valentine Workout was a hit!

If you missed the My Sweaty Valentine Partners Workout on Saturday, you missed a really good one! We had 34 participants, so 17 pairs of couples, friends, coworkers or new acquaintances, getting their sweat on!


Every single exercise that the lovely Heather Bohl and Christy MacKellar put together for the day required a partner and trust. For example, one partner held a wall-sit while the other partner did tricep dips on the wall-sitter's knees! Another one of the fun partner exercises was the push-up squats: one partner was in push-up position with their feet held up wheel-barrel style by the other partner who did squats as the other did push-ups!

We ended the partner workout with a big group workout: a giant wall-sit with a 10lb medicine ball pass!

Check out the video on Facebook!


All in all, everyone who attended had a blast and it was an awesome turnout! We cannot wait to have more giant groups like this in future bootcamps!

Think this looks like fun? Sign up to attend our regular Saturday morning community workout! It's fun, free, and great for all ability levels from beginner to advanced.

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