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Join our Free Partner Workout Saturday Feb 14th at 10am and Be Our Sweaty Valentine!

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Share the LOVE of fitness and health with whoever is an important part of your life, and invite them to Be Your Valentine/GALentine by joining our fun FREE partner exercise group workout Saturday, February 14th at 10AM at ReFORM Studios Personal Training! If you don't have a friend/neighbor/family member/spouse to bring, we can pair you up with some of our fabulous singles for the exercises--no problem!

Skip the typical breakfast in bed (but not breakfast!) and head over to reFORM Studios for a fun workout to kick your weekend off right. Every exercise we do will be designed to work with a partner for double the fun.  And the best thing- you'll be done with the hard work by 11am and can enjoy the rest of the weekend, and any chocolate covered strawberries or treats knowing you earned them! Plus what could be more romantic than getting sweaty together?!

RSVP on our Facebook event page and spread the word to friends and +1s! Our Saturday workouts are planned to be outdoors, unless we have inclimate weather in which case we'll bring you inside. Do eat a breakfast 45-60 min beforehand, bring H2O and layers of clothing appropriate to the weather forecast. We'll take care of the rest! See you there for our special Sweaty Valentine Partner Workout Saturday at 10am!

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