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Here are 5 Keys to Success for both Fitness and Life goals

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Yikes- it's February already! What happened to the new year and all the excitement to make change in 2015? Many people set out with grand ambitions every new year, only to realize that by February they have slipped back into old ways and old habits. So what gives? What separates the small few who actually succeed when they set new goals or undertake new challenges, from those who seem destined to start and stop every time they make a resolution? While reasons vary, one thread is common- CHANGE is HARD! We are human, we are creatures of habit, and with change comes fear- fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown. In spite of all this, CHANGE is possible, and as coaches who make a living helping people change, we have distilled 5 steps to being able to see a new change through all the way to success.

5 Keys to Success:

  1. Define your goals. This one seems like a no-brainer, but the key here is to get specific. What EXACTLY so you want to achieve? Even better, WHY do you want to achieve this? What we've found in the years of coaching clients, is that if you don't have a strong motivator, if your goals doesn't mean something important to you, your chances of success diminish greatly. You need to set goals that are measurable, important to you personally, and that you actually believe you can achieve. Because you must believe it to achieve it!
  2. Evaluate your current situation. You must be honest with yourself here, which again is the sticking point. Take not of where you are RIGHT NOW in the area you wish to improve. Bonus points if you have something measurable to use as a benchmark to measure your progress against. It's just like plotting a road map or using GPS, you input your destination, but then also have to input your starting point if you want a clear road map to get there.
  3. Create a complete plan. Complete is the key word! In fitness, this means accounting for nutrition, lifestyle, strength, cardio, flexibility, etc. In life, this may mean financial, schedule, benchmarks, people or partnerships, progressions of tasks with deadlines, etc. You need to take into account EVERYTHING you will need to achieve your goal. So rarely in life do we ever set goals that rely on changing just 1 thing... which is why change gets so complicated. Also consider accountability- who will hold you to this plan?
  4. Take Action! Believe it or not, this is the most common step to get lost on. We are creatures that love list making, love goal setting, but when it comes down to brass tacks, we let excuses or fear keep us from taking action. The best laid plans mean nothing without the courage to see them through! Instead of focusing on the big goal, think about small daily actions that you can take to inch your way, step by step, towards your goal. This way you'll be closer day by day and can build up your confidence that you'll reach your end goal.
  5. Reassess your progress and update your plan. So you've made progress!29405 How far have you come? Do you need to make a course correction? Do you still believe you can achieve your goal, or has it changed? What more do you need to build into your plan to reach your goal? Objectively reassessing your progress and adjusting as necessary is crucial. Very rarely does a perfect plan get executed perfectly, because in life perfection is often an illusion! Life happens, so rather than beat yourself up or admit defeat, take stock of where you are now and make some adjustments based on this new knowledge. Even if you've moved sideways instead of forward, you still learned something!

There is one secret weapon you can consider employing if you still are apprehensive about making change on your own- that's to hire a coach to guide you through the process! An expert who can objectively design your complete program, and then hold you accountable and help you readjust as you go is the secret weapon of many successful people. So how do you feel now that you have the 5 Keys to Success in your back pocket? Ready to revisit your goals for 2015 and get set to make some changes? We wish you luck! Get set to make 2015 your best year ever!

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