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reFORM Studios is hosting chef Ken Immer of Graw Foods for a 6 Week Healthy Basics Cooking & Nutrition course

Chef Ken Immer of Graw Foods

New this January, reFORM Studios has teamed up with professional chef Ken Immer of Graw Foods to offer a seminar and demonstration course to make healthy eating a breeze. For so many people, finding simple ways to eat healthy is the biggest road block to success when wanting to change their health or fitness. From mis-information, to lack of time, to lack of knowledge or ideas in the kitchen, challenges abound in our modern lifestyle. reFORM Studios in North Charleston and local Chef Ken Immer want to change that and make healthy eating simple by starting with the basics! The course begins Wednesday January 14th at 6:30pm and runs for 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings. Each session will run about an hour, will be held at reFORM Studios in Park Circle, and the content includes:

Session 1 : Motivation and food relationships

Introduction to the keys to unlocking old habits and creating new ones by simply changing perspectives. This session will also be a preview of subsequent sessions.

Session 2 : Healthy Basics Part 1: Breakfast

Ideas and recipes for breakfast foods that will help you start your day with a bang, and keep your appetite in check.

Session 3 : Navigating Pop Diets

Paleo, Blood Type, Gluten Free... There are tons of “diets” on the market these days, all saying they are the best. Which one is right for you? How do you navigate the hype?

Session 4 : Healthy Basics Part 2: Lunch

Starting with “pantry must haves”, we will discuss ingredients and techniques that you should keep on hand to create foods you can take to work and on the road which eliminates unhealthy snacking.

Session 5 : Healthy Basics Part 3: Dinner

I’m done eating so much kale!! Sometimes we just want to enjoy a great meal, even when we are watching what we eat. These techniques and recipe ideas keep the fun and enjoyment in food and cooking.

Session 6 : Strategizing a realistic and sustainable food plan

Anyone can “crash diet” for a few weeks, but it’s rarely something that we stick with. Start creating your own food plan with some proven ideas for success.

Seminars are approximately 1 hr each, including time for Q&A. Healthy Basics seminars will include a short food preparation demo and samples for clients to try. All sessions include printed take-home info. Cost to enroll in the Healthy basics 6 week course is $120 (Current reFORM Clients get 25% off!). Only 15 seats available due to space, so reserve your seat early! Reserve Your Spot Online or contact reFORM Studios for availability at 843-284-3340.

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