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Top Reasons Why  Personal Trainers Recommend My Fitness Pal Food Journal

my fitness pal food journalAnyone who has ever considered or researched weightloss or ways to improve your health or fitness has probably come across recommendations to use a food journal of some variety. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, apps like My Fitness Pal have quickly risen to the top of the recommendation list. So you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that keeping a food journal, preferably an electronic version on My Fitness Pal, is a requirement for every client of reFORM Studios Personal Training in North Charleston, at least if they want the 100% guarantee of results we offer to apply to their training program. But you might be surprised to learn the reasons WHY we feel it is so important. (And some of the reasons why not!) Let's start with what using My Fitness Pal or a food journal is NOT about:
  • Food journaling is NOT so your trainer can tell you everything you are eating right or wrong, and make you feel guilty about what you ate.
  • Food journaling is NOT about calorie counting and landing on a magic number of calories every day.
  • Food journaling is NOT a psychological method of torture to test your honesty and add to your stress.
  • Food journaling is NOT just about eating less calories or 'beating the system' by being under calorie every day.
  • Food journaling is NOT just another hoop to jump through as your drill sergeant trainer commands when you're already busy.
  • Food journaling is NOT about making you obsessed about every morsel that crosses between your lips.
Surprised? If you had the same thoughts about keeping a food journal, you're not alone. As personal trainers, we often get some resistance from clients when we tell them that keeping a journal every day is a required part of their program. We hear a lot of "I'm too busy to write everything down" and "Oh, I forgot" or "It's too much of a pain to look up everything and then enter it." So why do we insist on it? Here are our top reasons to use My Fitness Pal or another easy food journal method:
  • To Encourage Mindful Eating. Studies have shown that the majority of our food choices are subconsicous, meaning we are acting out of habit or convenience rather than intention. When you have to record what you eat, you have to think about it and therefore form new habits of eating intentionally and mindfully instead of mindlessly.
  • To Look At The Big Picture. What are we looking for when we examine your journal? In short- Trends. Are you consistently under calorie/way over calorie? Is you macronutrient ratio skewed in one direction? Are you eating predominantly processed foods or whole foods? What are the areas for more improvement?
  • To Find Educational Opportunities. Based on what trends jump out at us, we can identify areas to offer education and tips to form new habits. Skipping breakfast? We can recommend a pre-made recipe or suggest a quick breakfast shake, and discuss why it might be a good idea for you. Running to the vending machine every afternoon? Maybe we look at bringing dinner leftovers for lunch instead of picking up a salad at the cafeteria so you don't get so hungry.
  • Commitment. Slacking off from keeping up with your journal is the first clue that it may be time to reevaluate your program, your progress, or your commitment level. Either way that's useful feedback for a personal trainer, and we can adjust our coaching once we know why.
Food journals like My Fitness Pal are not all about the numbers or just going trough the motions. Optimal health and fitness involves much more than just hitting some numbers- it's about instilling lasting healthy habits. For the best personal trainers and fitness coaches, food journaling is about getting valuable feedback on your lifestyle and your personal challenges, and opening windows for education and instruction. It's a useful coaching and accountability tool, and when used as such, can be extremely valuable to incorporate when you want to change your health and fitness!   Are you ready to have a coach help you reach your fitness goals? Request a free consult with us today!

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