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Congratulations to Amy Bryant Cox for being reFORM Studios Client of the Month for November!

Introducing Amy, our Client of the Month

Client of the Month Amy Transformation before and after photos personal trainingName: Amy Bryant Cox Age: 38 Occupation: HR Business Partner

Amy joined reFORM Studios after feeling lazy, weak, and her clothes were just a little too tight.  She knew that she wanted someone to help her through the journey to a healthier lifestyle.  In 12 weeks since starting with reFORM Studios Personal Training, Amy has lost 24.5 inches and 20.8 pounds!  She dropped a pants size and has gone from barely doing 3 push ups on her toes to doing 15. (which was 5 past her goal she set for herself) While Amy has never had trouble getting good sleep, waking up was a challenge.  She is now waking up feeling energized and most times before her alarm clock goes off.  Prior to coming to reFORM Studios, Amy had portion control issues and inconsistent workout patterns.  Life at reFORM for Amy is more than just the 2 days a week she spends with Maggie and the Saturday BootCamps.  Being a part of the reFORM family keeps Amy accountable to tracking her calories in MyFitnessPal and ensuring she gets her 6 workouts in each week.  Having Maggie as her trainer keeps Amy challenged to continue to get stronger either through heavier weights or more challenging exercises. Client of the Month Amy stronger and more confident with personal training

The excuses that Amy used to use that others currently may be using are 1) Not enough time 2) Price 3) The goal ahead of them is too overwhelming.  She has now conquered all three excuses! Amy spends 30-45 minutes a day working out.  To ensure the cost didn't change her family budget, she adjusted her eating out habits by cutting a dinner out once a week and lunch out two times a week which pays for her personal training program. She loves the smaller goals (losing 2 pounds a week, dropping a pants size in 4 weeks, push ups on toes) that reFORM Studios and Maggie help her set, meet and beat each month.  Amy also loves the community feel of reFORM Studios.  Everyone has a goal although they are all different goals everyone is supportive of each other.  

Amy's next 30 day goal is to run a 5K in 35 minutes.  She has 68 more pounds she wants to lose and one day she hopes to do a burpee in perfect form.  :) We're so proud of the accomplishments Amy has seen as a result of her commitment to living healthier and sticking with her personal training program at reFORM Studios! We look forward to working with her to accomplish those next goals! Are you ready to start your own transformation and Get reFORMED? If you are like Amy and feeling stuck, un-motivated, or like your clothes are all fitting too tightly, contact us today to set up your free consultation to discuss our training programs and if they are a good fit for you!

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