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For weight loss and healthy living, food is not the enemy!

"Don't eat fat! You are what you eat!" "Only eat gluten free, gluten is making you sick/fat." "Always choose the low calorie option when you want to lose weight." "All natural means its healthy." "Paleo is the way we are supposed to eat, eat like a caveman!" " Eat foods marked as low sugar and no high fructose corn syrup!" "Only eat low carb, carbs make you gain weight." "Don't eat meat, it's too harsh to process." "Juice cleanses are a great weight loss strategy." Are you as tired as I am of ridiculous marketing and media claims about food and how to eat to be at a healthy weight and have a healthy body? Seriously, if you listened to every commercial or advertisement out there, you'd probably come away with the impression that every single thing you eat is bad for you! I know because I have clients coming to us every week confused and terrified that "they eat so bad" and they have no idea what is actually good for their bodies anymore. Food education is part of every client program here at reFORM Studios, but let me start with a basic mindset shift that I think will start us all off in the right direction. It's so simple, it's profound. And it's a bit hard to believe for almost everyone who has struggled with there health and fitness, but nevertheless I've got to put it out there. Are you ready?

Food is not the enemy!

healthy potluck dishesI promise. Real food is not the enemy. Food is not to blame for your current sate of health. It is not something to be feared. It is not something to feel guilty about. Eating is not meant to be a stressful situation. Calories are not the devil. Nor are fats, carbs, proteins, meats, vegetables, grains... you get the picture. Can we please stop treating food like public enemy number 1? Instead, lets focus on a healthy mindset- food is sustenance. It is nourishment. It is absolutely essential for energy, for optimal brain and organ function, and it is absolutely ok to enjoy the process of eating- that's one of the reasons we have tastebuds and a sense of smell in the first place!

So if food is not the enemy, then why do we struggle as a culture to maintain a healthy weight and body?

I have a lot of thoughts on this, but let me instead pose a question. Do you think 100 years ago, people were afraid of food in the same way we are? Did farmers advertise their produce as 'Organic, Gluten-free, Low Carb' green beans for example? Did dinner party guests ask the host if the meal was gluten free, or free range/organic? No. Sounds silly even, doesn't it? They didn't have to modify, process and label everything- food was just food! I think we need to get reacquainted with real food, it's benefits, and get over some of our media-driven fears. (When I say real food, I'm not talking about 'food-like products' that come in shiny wrappers at the grocery store. That's a topic for another blog post...) Bottom line- the body requires a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to function optimally. This balance may look slightly different from one person to another, but everyone needs all three macronutrients, and thinking any one source is the enemy or the only thing you need is misguided. The good news is these macronutrients are east to find in real food sources! Vegetables, whole grains, fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts, poultry, fish, other animal proteins, dairy... not every person needs to include all these real food sources, but there are a lot of great options to build a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. There's so much room to build healthy eating habits around your preferences! Instead of thinking about what you have to avoid and which foods are taboo, think instead:
  • What foods do I enjoy?
  • What foods provide me really great energy? (natural carbohydrates)
  • What foods keep me satisfied longer so I don't get hungry right afterwards? (complex carbs + protein)
  • What foods are supporting my metabolism and my healthy muscles? (complete proteins)
  • What foods are supporting my organs and my healthy brain function? (healthy fats)
  • What foods do I feel good about eating?
Let's start tuning into our bodies and the good side of what food is doing for us, and start a positive relationship with the things we eat! Need more help shifting your mindset towards food or learning how to change your eating habits? Come see us for a complimentary consultation.

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