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Meet Rhonda McKnight, our October Client of the Month!

Rhonda is an amazing success story and transformation in progress!

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Meet Rhonda McKnight of Charleston!

Age: 43

Occupation: Surgery Scheduler/Tech at Eye Center of Charleston

Rhonda's Transformation Began in Late 2013

We first met Rhonda when she joined our Saturday morning free group workouts in the fall of 2013. She quickly became a regular at our workouts every Saturday, and continued to slowly make progress on her own towards her health and fitness. She lost an amazing 40lbs on her own during those months!!! Then in July, Rhonda was the lucky winner of our Facebook giveaway for 3 months of personal training! Since then she's lost an additional 12 lbs and an incredible 21 inches! Here more from her about her journey below:

Why did you decide you wanted to/needed to start a training program? "I have tried low carb, no carb, low fat diets, and only eating 1000 calories a day. I have taken every pill and drank every diet shake. I would lose but it always came back. I joined gyms, only to quit going because I didn't know what I was doing. I did do the free workouts with a trainer at a gym. One trainer's idea of a good workout was that I puked and couldn't move afterwards. The second trainer did their own workout along with me. I found myself in November 2013 at 225lbs. I hated how I looked in a family picture. I finally had had enough. My youngest wants to run races, bike long distances, etc., and I could barely walk a mile. I saw a Facebook ad for reFORM Studios' free bootcamp and came every Saturday. I began working our full time in July. I am losing weight just as before, but now I am stronger than I can ever remember!" rhonda weight loss success story

What results have you achieved since starting your personal training program? "The biggest change is I am stronger. I am no longer concerned about being skinny. I have run/walked a 5k in under 48 minutes, walked the entire Ravenel Bridge, held a 2 minute plank and a 2 minute wall sit. I have lost over 21 inches but I am just getting started!"

What do you like best about our program? "I love that I am pushed to my limits and a bit beyond. I have people I am accountable to and am learning to be accountable to myself. I love that my trainer knows me and my goals. I am not just a name on a schedule. All the trainers at reFORM Studios are invested in me."

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program? "Go for it! What have you got to lose, except next year still being on the fence maybe a bit heavier? reFORM Studios is different than joining a gym or starting a new diet. It's about changing your life and finally reaching your goals." rhonda weight loss transformation personal training success story We can't wait to see where Rhonda's journey towards health, fitness and happiness takes her as she continues her training personal program here with reFORM Studios! She has been an inspiration to our community, and to her circle of influence as well. WE know for her it's about more than just looking good- she posted this to her Facebook wall a week ago:"Best compliment ever. My daughter and I got out of the car yesterday and she turns to me with her arms open and gives me a hug. She said mommy I was right I can reach all the way around you and still have arms left."

Keep working and inspiring others Rhonda! That's why you're reFORM Studios' Client of the Month!

Ready for a transformation of your own? Follow in Rhonda's footsteps and request a consultation to begin your own journey to a healthier and fitter self! Or join us every Saturday for our free community workouts at 10am!

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