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We share 5 time saving ways to eat healthy

time saving ways to eat healthyIn speaking with both our clients and groups of professionals and community members, the biggest hurdle we hear from people who want to live and eat healthier is TIME! Our society prides itself on being BUSY BUSY BUSY and filling in every possible moment, but in all this hubbub sometimes the simple things like eating healthy get pushed to the wayside. It's not that people don't admit they need to eat healthier, they just feel like they don't have time. We hear this all the time at reFORM Studios Personal Training.
  • "I don't have time to cook."
  • "I don't have time to grocery shop."
  • "I don't have time to get in a real lunch."
  • "By  the time I get home I'm too tired to cook."
  • "I have so much to do in the mornings, I don't have time to eat breakfast or fix lunch."
If any of these sound like something you've been saying to yourself, stop and accept that there are solutions to all these problems! Today, we're suggesting 5 time saving ways to eat healthy and get over these excuses!

1. Write It Down

Planning your weekly menu in advance is one of the simplest ways to save time, money and energy and still eat healthy! Menu's let you create a shopping list, so you don't waste time and money wandering in the grocery store. If you do one planning session, and then one grocery trip per week, you'll have everything you need ahead of time. So did up those cookbook and pinterest recipes, get the family involved in helping plan, and post the plan somewhere visible to hold yourself accountable. Sticky notes on the fridge work great!

2.  Embrace the Freezer

Honestly, frozen foods are convenient, but most of the pre-packaged frozen meals are chock full of unwanted sodium, fat, and preservatives. Create your own frozen meals by cooking large batches of freezer-friendly dishes, and then freezing in single-serving containers. Soups, steps, and other meals make a great fall back for those days when you are too tired to cook! And homemade frozen meals will be just as nutritious as cooked fresh. So start stocking that freezer!

3.  Consider the Crock Pot

As we head into fall, hot tasty crock pot meals are not only a seasonal ideal, but also a time-saver! You can start a crock pot meal for the following day when you get home in the evening, and not need to worry about watching it or being so hands on while it cooks. This trick also plays nicely into #2 above because you can easily freeze extra portions. So dust off that old crock pot, look up a few recipes that you can circle through over the next couple months, and let dinner practically take care of itself as you take care of other things around the house or office!

4. Think BIG Side Dishes

As you are planning for the week with idea #1, consider cooking extra servings of sides that can be paired up with other courses for different meals throughout the week. If you make double or tripe what you need for one recipe, you'll be able to save the leftovers to add to lunches and dinners the rest of the week. Think of foods that make great complements to any meal, such as beans or lentils, or grains like quinoa. Not only will you have half the cooking done for later meals, if you get home late, its easier to just sear up some chicken breasts to pair back to your quinoa than have to cook a whole meal.

5. Pack Lunch Early

Now that you're planning ahead and making extra servings when you do take the time to cook, go ahead and pack your lunch right away before you even serve dinner! Reserve a nice portion for yourself for the next day, then put it away. This will not only ensure that you have lunch ready, but it won't feel like leftovers and the picked over bits because you chose first. Also, if you have a ravenous family and it seems everything that gets put out gets eaten, you won't be left without extras at the end of the meal. No need to get up early and fix lunch, just grab on your way out the door!

 There's just a few ideas, but that should get you started! The bottom line, a little extra planning, and then maximizing the time you do spend cooking is the quickest, easiest way to make sure you eat foods you know are good for you! Have more great time saving tips? Email us and we'll include them in a future post! Need a little more problem solving to get your lifestyle turned around? Request your free consultation with us. We've worked with hundreds of locals to change their health and fitness, and we'd love to help you!

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