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A Few Quick and Easy Tips to Sleep Better Every Night -Part 1

A hot topic among clients at the studio, and even in my personal life, has been the problem of not getting enough sleep nightly. We all KNOW sleep is important, not just for weight loss (it's one of the keys!) but also for your health, productivity, and quality of life! We all know someone in our personal lives who is a totally different person when they have sleep versus when they have not gotten enough. Signs of not getting the rest you need include moodiness or the grumps, having the munchies, brain fogginess, low energy, and a hard time recovering from workouts and every day life. Sound like you? This sounds like most of us! So, how do you work towards getting the much-needed shuteye every night? Why don't we start by eliminating some of the things that can rob you of precious sleep? There's a lot to talk about, so I'm breaking this post into a series. The focus this week--- your guilty phone!

better sleep no phonesYour Phone May Be Keeping You Awake

Yes, your phone and other tech may be one of the number one culprits when it comes to not getting enough sleep! And there are a couple of reasons for this. For example this scenario:

You have been watching TV, or playing a computer game, when you look at the clock and think, I should really go to bed now its getting late. The problem is your brain is still active after watching that TV show.

The last thing you do before you go to bed is check your phone, go through your emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and then back through them all again just in case something changed in the last 30 seconds….. it didn’t. This sets your mind whirring, you see an email or a post you absolutely must respond to, and your brain fires up and starts thinking of what to say. You have just told your brain that it’s not time to go to sleep yet.

The other factor is actually the light from the screen itself. The light that comes from the phone hits your eyes and skin and the body reacts to that by thinking its day time and it can’t possibly be time for sleep. This doesn’t just go for your phone light. Any light in the room will have this effect. Like I said, if you are watching TV immediately before bed, the light from the TV will have the same effect. The same goes for computers and tablets.

Or how about being woken up in the middle of the night by a Facebook notification, text message or email because you keep your phone right next to your bed? So suddenly you are awake. Well you absolutely must check it, it could be something super important…. right? So you open up your phone, release light into your eyes, and get the brain whirring again. You may get back to sleep; but it won’t be good sleep.

TIP #1: Remove all tech from the bedroom, and stop playing with it 30 minutes before bed. Yes, this will mean NOT using your phone as an alarm clock and going old school with a  classic alarm clock! Or if you want to take even more advantage of your body's natural rhythms and adaptations to light, consider getting a Lumie alarm clock that dims as you are going to sleep, and gently lights up in the mornings, mimicking a sunrise that will naturally help you wake up. Genius!

Tip #2: Replace the incessant Facebook and email checking before bed with a relaxing bedtime routine. This can be any number of things, depending on your preference. Consider reading a real book with real pages (not kindle or nook with a lit screen), a relaxing bath, listening to music, journaling, or meditation. The possibilities here are really only limited by what relaxes you!

That's 2 great tips for starters to sleep better! We'll follow up next week with 2 more tips and address the issue of caffeine...! Check back next week, and share this post with the sleep-deprived people in your life!

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