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Some Thoughts On The Practice of Daily Gratitude As Part of A Healthy Lifestyle

practicing gratitude and positive mindsetNormally, I post this about something workout related this time of the month. But today I want to take a break from talking about all the effort you are putting in, and instead focus on gratitude. For most of us, healthy lifestyle is a journey and not a destination, and we won't be to our goals in just a week. But if we make the journey all about the work we're doing, work work work... and never stop to smell the roses and appreciate where we've come, then we're missing out! I coach on cultivating a positive mindset regularly with all of my clients, and I want to take it one step further and talk about gratitude. Not as a big huge gesture, but small, daily gratitude. Imagine if, at the end of every day, you wrote down one amazing thing that you noticed or that happened that you were grateful for. Now imagine doing that every day for the next month, next 3 months, next year! You'd be able to read 365 amazing powerful positive notes to yourself about the good aspects of your life! Now imagine if you wrote down 3 positive things from each day that you were grateful for.... In a year you would have 1095 positive notes to read back! How amazing do you think that would make you feel about the previous year and everything you'd experienced and accomplished?

Sometimes life happens and we have bad days or we struggle to remember what we're working towards or how strong we are or how far we've come... we may struggle to see the forest for the trees because obstacles, challenges, and negativity have a way of blocking our view. As you look towards the bigger picture of your goals for your health and fitness, and life in general, I want to encourage you to consider buying a little paper journal, and each night writing down at least one positive thing that you are grateful for. If you have more than one, fantastic! But focus on one a day. It could be as small as someone paid you a compliment. Or a stranger was nice and let you merge in traffic. Or you paid off a credit card debt you've been working on. Or you made a conscious effort to order a healthy menu option... and then actually enjoyed it! Or you had a challenging workout but realized how much stronger you felt doing it. Or that pair of pants hanging in the back of your closet zipped up for the first time in years! A little daily gratitude goes a long way, and can help you get back to that positive mindset whenever you have a challenging day. Fitness, lifestyle, and making healthy choices all start with a mindset. If you can cultivate that, you'll have a much more enjoyable journey! Please share this blog post with someone you feel may need to read it. :) Katrina Cobb NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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