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Katherine is an expecting mom and personal training Client of the Month for July!

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Our Client of the Month for July is Katherine S of Hanahan, SC! Katherine has been training at reFORM Studios with Heather since the summer of 2013. She came in because she was planning on expanding her family, and wanted to feel better this time around. She is a great example of how to have a fit pregnancy, and one of a growing handful of expecting clients training with us at reFORM Studios! Here's her perspective on the process of personal training through a pregnancy and her experience at the studio over the past year:

Name: Katherine S
Age: 39
Occupation: Respiratory Therapist, Mother of 2 (soon to be 3!)

What made you decide to start a personal training program at reFORM Studios?
I didn't work out during my first two pregnancies because of how crummy I felt during the first trimesters. Being a bit older this time around, I knew I wanted to work out consistently throughout my entire pregnancy to stay fit, strong and keep my weight gain under control. I also knew that I couldn't do it on my own! I needed a professional to hold me accountable, keep me motivated and create appropriate workouts for my ever-expanding belly!

What results have you achieved since starting your program?
pregnancy workout personal trainingI started working out with Heather about 8 months before becoming pregnant. During that time, I made huge improvements in my overall fitness level. I felt stronger, more toned and was happier and more energetic in general. Since becoming pregnant, I've noticed many positive differences compared to my previous pregnancies. My first trimester was not as awful as I remembered, I have more energy and I just feel better overall. I also know that it will be much easier for me to drop the "baby weight" because of my increased metabolism and muscle mass.

What do you like best about having a reFORM Studios personal trainer?
The workouts that Heather creates for me are fun, challenging and varying- she mixes things up so I'm never bored. It feels great to have someone who is supportive of my fitness journey and genuinely cares about my well-being. I need all the help I can get in the motivation department, and Heather and the staff at reFORM Studios are awesome in that respect! I also love the FREE Saturday morning boot camps!

What would you say to someone on the fence about starting a program with us?
expecting mom workoutI can honestly say that the commitment I've made to working out with Heather is the best decision I've made for myself in a very long time. If you are feeling "stuck", unmotivated, tired, fat, unfit or all of the above- JUST DO IT! If you want to have fun working out and see results- JUST DO IT! You won't regret it!

Congrats to Katherine on being named our client of the month for her dedication to her program, and to coming on Saturday mornings and keeping up with the crowd at our group workouts! We look forward to working with Katherine through the arrival of baby #3 to her family, and beyond!  

Do you know a mom or woman who wants to start or expand her family and get fit to stay fit during pregnancy? Share our blog post, or request a free consultation today to learn why it's a great idea, and recommended to be fit through this process!

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