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Some Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy People who still want to start their day off on the right foot

You’ve heard the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but your mornings consist of snooze buttons, hurried showers, perhaps getting the kids fed, dressed and off to school, walking the dogs, packing a lunch and a gym bag (if you’re lucky) and hoping your socks match and that you didn’t miss a button on your shirt. With the mad rush that makes up many of our mornings, getting in a healthy breakfast can be a challenge. But starting off your day on a good foot, nutritionally and metabolically speaking, can be a major difference maker in both your energy levels and your fitness goals! The team of personal trainers here at reFORM Studios has come to your rescue, with a handful of ideas for a time-saving, tasty and nutritious breakfast on the run! Here are 7 healthy breakfast ideas for busy people:
  •  Make breakfast ahead of time:healthy mini quiche
    • One of our favorites is a Crustless Spinach and Egg mini quiche that you can make in a muffin tin, and grab 2 on your way out the door. These are great hot or cold, so a reheat is your choice.
    • Dinner leftovers actually make an excellent breakfast. Don’t stress about the stigma of what ‘normal’ breakfast should look like- leftover chicken and veggies is actually an amazing way to start your day! (leftover pizza, however, is not!)
    • Runners Pancakes are another that you can whip up the night before and grab as you run out the door. Oats, eggwhites, and blueberries with a touch of honey- great energy and good protein, plus they’re tasty!
  • No cooking required:
    • Greek yogurt with a small portion of wholesome granola (make sure it’s low-sugar or homemade) and some fresh or even frozen fruit, such as berries. All you need is a bowl and a spoon!
    • Whole wheat English muffin (not recommended for those going gluten-free) with a smear of almond butter on each half. The almond butter is slower digesting with all its’ healthy fats and protein, so you won’t be starving an hour breakfast smoothie
    • In a pinch, a smoothie or protein shake can work. You want to make sure there’s a good source of protein in your smoothie so it’s not a sugar overloaded start to your morning, which will leave you with the munchies and an energy lull well before lunch. Some of these could be whipped up the night before and frozen or refrigerated as well.
    • Cottage cheese and fruit. One of our staff’s favorite meals/snacks to go is a cup of cottage cheese packed with frozen fruit into a portable container, because by the time he gets to the office the fruit is thawing but still nice and frosty, and it keeps the cheese nice and cold.
All of these options you can see involve minimally processed or whole foods, so you’re getting maximal nutrition. There are 7 great ideas for healthy breakfast for busy people, so try a new one every day until you find a couple options that suit your taste! Have other great one the go breakfast ideas? Send us an email and we’ll include in a follow up post! Need more help troubleshooting your healthy lifestyle? Request a free consultation to sit down with one of our personal trainers and discuss your health and fitness goals, and learn how one of our programs can help!

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