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Learn what fitness apps personal trainer's like to use!

Fitness- there's an app for that! These days there's an application for your smartphone or tablet for everything from alarm clocks to personal banking, so it's no surprise that there are a lot of apps designed to help you with your health and fitness. But with so many options, which ones are actually really useful and user-friendly for the average person? Here at reFORM Studios Personal Training in North Charleston, we asked our personal trainers which apps they like best, so we can pass the list on to you!

Here are the current top 6 personal training favorite fitness apps from the crew at reFORM Studios:

My Fitness fitness pal fitness app Journaling is one of the best habits to get into to change your fitness, and My Fitness Pal is the one stop shop to keep track of all your food, weight, measurements, and even workouts, all in one place. Plus it syncs with many other apps, so it gets bonus points for playing nice with others. If you missed our blog post about how to use it correctly, revisit it here!


runtastic fitness appRuntastic. They have a pro version with lots of bells and whistles, but the free version of the app is great to log any outdoor workouts. It will track how far you run sing gps, calculate your pace, show you if you slowed down or ran pretty steadily over the course of your run, and more. Even for the novice runners, it's a good way to keep a specific record of your distance, average pace, and be able to track improvements. Bonus- you can also track cycling and other activities, which makes it great to have a complete picture of your workouts, for triathletes or just weekend warriors who want to count flag football and the odd fitness class or bootcamp. Plus it syncs well with My Fitness Pal to adjust your calorie intake based on your workouts!

nike training club fitness appNike Training Club. Targeted for women, this app has a handful of 30-45 minute workouts plugged in for those days when you want variety but don't want to have to think about your workout. It's designed as intervals and tends to have a mix of strength and calisthenics moves. You can choose a goal and choose the skill level, and they have images and videos to demonstrate the exercise, and a timer that runs you through the intervals. It can be a bit advanced for the beginner and some workouts require basic weights, but if you have a fitness baseline and want to mix up your workout routine, or want to have good workouts when you're travelling and can't come in and see your personal trainer, this is a decent substitute.

jefit fitness appJEFIT. This is the go to app if you're looking for a good strength training library of exercises and a way of tracking your strength gains. Though they have demonstration videos, this is also an app best for more experienced exerciser with a good base knowledge of strength training form and mechanics, as well as access to strength equipment. If you have these things, it's a great app- you can choose which body parts or muscle groups you want to work, and JEFIT will open a library of exercises. You can track which ones you do and how much weight you are using, so that over time you can see your strength gains.

100 pushups fitness app100 Pushups. This is a strength training app designed to help you work up to doing 100 consecutive pushups over a period of weeks. It's a simple program that has to do an initial test to see how many you can do now, then schedules out 3 workouts a week and plans the sets, reps, and rest to help you build up. IF followed, it works like a charm! They also have an app for lunges, squats, situps, dips and pullups, but this is their first and most popular. It's a great way to breakdown a big singular goal into incremental steps! Great for beginners to advanced.

HIIT interval training fitness appHIIT Timer. This is a great timer for High Intensity Interval Training! This is great for any interval workouts, from tabatas to stacks to anything you can think of. You can set a warmup period, a work period, a rest period, and how many rounds to go, as well as a cool down. It will give you a transition countdown as well as a whistle to transition. It's a great audio tool so you don't have to watch your stopwatch. It works best if you have a tabata workout or HIIT workout you want to do and just need the timer, as there is no exercise instruction included.

These are the top 6 favorite fitness apps we're using right now. We know there are a ton out there- have fun, play around and if you find others that work for you- great! But this should give you a starting point, something fro every goal and need. Technology can be a great bonus to a fitness program, so don't be afraid to try out a new app to amp up your workouts or healthy living!

As much as we love apps, we don't believe a phone or tablet can replace real live human interaction! We still believe there are many other intangible benefits to workout buddies, the energy of group fitness, or the accountability and education from a personal trainer. You're phone will not correct your form or give you a high five when you rock a tough workout, or encourage you to pus through those last 5 minutes. If you are lacking in positive human interaction as part of your workout and fitness routine, request a consultation to discuss a personal training program, or stop in for the positive social power provided by our weekly free community group workouts Saturdays at 10am!

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