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5 Easy and Quick Nutrition Fixes for Your Kitchen from a Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, we get asked a lot: "Well, what do YOU eat?" healthy quick kitchen fixes personal trainerA better question is probably "What do you keep in your fridge?" While our answers vary, at reFORM Studios we generally believe in all things in moderation, and that having a plan and being prepared is the best way to achieve success and stay on track when you get busy, distracted, or stressed. It's not always about 'Right or Wrong' foods, but usually about making it easier to choose the best option in any given situation. Even so, there are a handful of 'go-to' quick fixes to keep stocked in your kitchen that make eating healthy as a busy professional a lot easier, and frankly therefore, a lot more likely! Keeping easy and healthy ingredients around the kitchen is a major MUST when you want to work on healthy living. Here's 5 Quick Fixes for your kitchen:
  1. Plain Greek Yogurt. I keep plain greek yogurt in stock, and use it is so many ways! It's a great source of protein, and the plain variety doesn't have the added sugars of the flavored ones. Not only is it great with fruit or granola as a snack, but I use it in place of sour cream to top omelettes, chili, soups, or in recipes for chicken, layer dips, mexican dishes, even to add creaminess to marinara sauce for pasta... The possibilities are endless!
  2. Salsa. How do I love my salsa, let me count the ways! One of the biggest complaints I get about healthy eating is people still want flavorful food. Salsas come in many different varieties and flavors, and are typically a low calorie, low salt, low sugar way to add flavor to so many dishes! Top scrambles eggs, bake your chicken in salsa, top grilled fish with a mango salsa, use in stir frys ... I cook with it more often than just use as a topping. One of my favorite easy meals- chicken breast and salsa in a crock pot. Two ingredients! Cook for 4-6 hours, then shred with a fork and you have tasty, flavorful juicy shredded chicken to add to salads or wraps!
  3. Eggs. Yes, I'm a fan of the incredible, edible egg. Keeping eggs stocked is a priority in our household, for quick meals as much as a breakfast staple. We cook eggs a number of ways in the morning- scrambled with salsa and greek yogurt and a side of black beans; over easy on wheat toast; omelettes with any veggies we have leftover or frozen. If you're more of a breakfast on the go person, making a quiche or mini quiche muffins to grab on your way out, classic hard boiled, or some runner's pancakes with oats, is another great option. Eggs also make a dinner plan for us over salads or in healthy stir fry bowls when we don't want to grill chicken. So many ways to fix, and the research on cholesterol is starting to say the fuss over having too many was overblown. (Though if you are concerned, the egg whites on their own work just fine too.) Need ideas? Here's 20 ways to cook eggs from Self!
  4. Frozen diced onions and bell peppers. I would guess if you're reading this, you probably need to find ways to eat more vegetables in your average day. Most Americans do! Having struggled with letting fresh produce go bad before getting around to prepping and then cooking it, I've accepted my reality that if I'm going to eat it, its worth it to me to buy already diced and ready to just throw in a pan. So those omelettes and stir fry recipes I mentioned above? Yep, prepped frozen veggies are a big part of making that a reality! If you're planning on cooking them anyway you may as well save yourself the time and trouble of cleaning and dicing. They are an easy fix for skillets, baked dishes, and crock pot recipes.
  5. Frozen fruit/berries. Very similar to the issues above- as amazing as fresh produce tastes, for busy people on the go, sometimes frozen is better than not having or having it go bad. Frozen fruit can be thawed quickly to top greek yogurt or cottage cheese for a snack, even in certain salads, but is amazing to mix up a smoothie on a hot summer day after a good workout. (We have a lot of those in South Carolina!) Also wonderful just to eat frozen after a hot workout to help cool down while replenishing. These are a big favorite of our resident triathlete, Ben.
There are plenty of other great things- the trick is to find a handful of ingredients that you enjoy eating and can use in a variety of different ways, so you always feel like you have options when you walk into your kitchen. This list is what I've been eating lately and enjoying, so if it works for you, great! We'll share more recipe ideas, shopping tips, and personal trainer secrets next month, so check back!

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