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Join us for our version of an obstacle course fun run/walk around Park Circle! Our regular free group workout at 10am will be replaced Saturday, May 17, 2013 with an obstacle course workout! We’ll be guiding you over 12+ obstacles/exercises over 2 miles (2.5-3 for advanced) for a fun traveling workout! We’ve got 3 different difficulty levels for every obstacle, for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, that you can choose from. And walking between obstacles is fine for non runners, as we’ve got plenty of time to finish the course during our normal hour workout. RSVP on Facebook so we can station our trainers around the course and plan for numbers. As always, eat a good breakfast, bring water and a towel, and share with friends, so we can all enjoy this twist on our regular free Saturday group workouts! PS- Make sure to be on time/early this weekend since we’ll be moving from thestudio. Doors will be open by 9:30am

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