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Marie Mixson is our March Client of the Month

This month we want to share Marie's journey! If she looks familiar, it's because she is already a member of our Wall of Fame, having made great progress in the Fall of 2012 as part of our reFORM School 12 Week Transformation program. We've had the pleasure of working with Marie as she wanted to improve her health to start a family and also run her first 5k, and then just two days after her race she found out she was pregnant! Marie continued to train at reFORM Studios through the first months of pregnancy, and now she's back after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl to focus on getting fit again.  Check out her pictures from her first race (The Pajama Run, Dec 8th 2012) and later with her beautiful family, husband Mark and daughter Rosalind in Sept 2013. Marie Before and After baby So we asked Marie to share her thoughts on starting a program twice now with us! Here's some notes from her interview, in her own words. reFORM Studios: "What made you decide you wanted to or needed to start a program?" Marie: "Initially, I needed a lifestyle change and I wanted to be healthy with a low BMI because we wanted to start a family. After having gone through that process, I know what it feels like to be at my ideal weight and I want to get back there post-baby. Exercising makes me happy and I sleep better. reFORM Studios: "What results have you achieved since starting your program?" Marie: "The first time I lost 25lbs and several inches all over. I gained a positive attitude about myself and looking at my reflection was no longer a bother. Since I've been back for a few weeks, so far I have lost 2lbs and I feel like I am getting stronger. My core feels weak, but it is getting stronger." [caption id="attachment_766" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Marie transformed in 12 weeks of personal training reFORM School Here's a snippet from Marie's first program, and the progress she made in only 12 weeks, leading up to her first 5k![/caption] reFORM Studios: "What do you like best about our program/having a trainer?" Marie: "I need an appointment to keep me accountable most days. If someone is expecting me somewhere, then I show up instead of making that turn to go home. It's so easy to just go home. Also, my trainer knows me, my needs, my strengths, my weaknesses, and can move me forward. My trainer changes things up so I'm not doing to same boring thing every time I exercise. She checks in with me to see how my week is going. She can see results even when I can't." reFORM Studios: "What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?" Marie: "Have you decided you are ready to make a change? You have to be ready. One day I woke up and decided I needed help to reach my health goals. The same is true now. I waited six months after my daughter was born to start at the studio again. I started round 2 when I was physically and mentally ready."

Cheer Marie On!

If you see Marie around the studio or out around town, give her a BIG CONGRATS and cheer her on for her second round of working to get fit and drop back to her ideal weight! As she says, it takes commitment to decide you are ready for change, and we applaud her for once again making the commitment to her health and her family, and for choosing us to help her get there!

Are YOU ready for change?

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