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Meet our newest fitness expert and personal trainer, Christi Torrio

reFORM Studios is excited to introduce you to Christi Torrio, Certified Personal Trainer and the newest fitness expert to join reFORM Studios! Christi is not only a personal trainer, but she has, like the rest of our staff, gone through her own fitness journey. Check her transformation out! CHristi weightloss transformation Christi has experienced the challenges and the triumphs of both weight loss and fitness competitions, and the whole spectrum in between. We're excited to have her joining our team of fitness experts who know exactly what you're dealing with and can relate as we coach you through your own fitness journey. To find out more about Christi, visit her profile here. If you'd like to schedule a consultation with her directly to discuss a personal training program, call her at 520-405-6254 or request a consult online. Welcome to the family Christi!
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