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Why you should vote for reFORM Studios as Best of Charleston 2014

reFORm Studios voted Best of Charleston 2014 As you may have noticed, and some of you may have even contributed by nominating us, we are officially named as one of the Top 5 in Charleston for both Best Exercise Studio and Best Personal Trainer (Katrina Cobb) in the 2014 balloting by the Charleston City Paper! But we know how new we are, so for those of you just discovering us, we thought we'd share 10 reasons why we think you should not only vote for us, but we should actually win the Best of Charleston title for 2014!
  1. We're Home-Grown. We started this business with community support through a crowd-funding campaign, grew with community support by word of mouth and referrals, and now were nominated by the community we serve as the Best Exercise Studio and Best Personal Trainer! You all are the reason we exist!
  2. We're fun to workout with. Seriously, have you ever attended a workout or bootcamp with us, and not laughed at some point? Having a sense of humor, especially about fitness, the body, and health issues that can be difficult or emotionally painful sometimes, is actually one of our Core Values. We strive to make fitness fun.
  3. We've been in your shoes. Every personal trainer on our staff has had personal experience with a fitness or health challenge and learned from the experience. We understand what you're dealing with, and we personally know what works to get the results you want.
  4. We focus on YOUR success. Our studio, and all our online media, features YOUR successes, YOUR stories, and YOUR results. From the Wall of Fame, to the Client of the Month wall, to our Success Shoutouts on Facebook, to our Goals/Successes boards in the studio, we focus on sharing real people making real change with our help to encourage you, rather than posting a gazillion photos of our trainers working out or pumping up our own egos.
  5. We support our local community. Not only does every dollar earned stay right here in Charleston with our local staff, but we give back by supporting other local businesses! We feature local artists on our walls, hold fundraisers for local charities, host local networking and educational events, and offer our space to local groups needing a private meeting area during non-training hours.
  6. We offer FREE weekly workouts! And we really mean free- our Saturday morning reBOOT group workouts are free to everyone, 52 weeks a year, always and forever. We know not everyone is ready or can financially commit to a personal training program, but community and health and fun are so important to us, we do a free hourlong bootcamp workout every week.
  7. We are not a meat market or fishbowl. Working out in our private studio is exactly that- private. No one is watching you workout as they mallwalk, or staring you down across an open gym. You're one of only a handful of people in the studio at a time, and it's often just you and your trainer in the room, focusing entirely on you and your workout. You don't have to worry about what you're wearing, if your outfit matches, or if a workout position is unflattering.
  8. We don't push products, supplements or fads. Plain and simple- we're not going to tell you that expensive supplements or risky pills or fad diets or cleanses is the answer to your problems or will get you better results. We know there's a lot of $ to be made this way, but most of what's out on the market is just a lot of flashy marketing and no science to back it up, so we're never going to sell you something that could be a waste of resources, or worse yet, risky to your health. That's not how we do business.
  9. We promote healthy living. The flip side of that coin is that we're not going to bring in cupcakes and pizza to studio celebrations. We will however continue to hold healthy potluck dinners and recipe exchanges, offer free seminars and healthy living education, and team up with other local healthy living businesses, like organic foods, healthy cooking, chiropractic, and massage, to name a few.
  10. We have the best staff! Last but certainly not least, we feel without a doubt that the trainers we bring on at reFORM Studios have the passion, knowledge, and coaching skills to help you achieve the best results possible. It's an amazing group of professionals, and we love working with you and working with each other! We hope next year that even more members of our team are recognized in the ballots!
We could go on and on, but thought 10 reasons was s good start to let you in on the secret of why reFORM Studios is the Best of Charleston, for 2014 and beyond! We hope you agree, and would love your support by voting in this years balloting before the Feb 4th deadline! Have another reason you want to share? Send us an email, or offer a comment or review on Facebook! Ready to see what the fuss is all about? Attend our next free Saturday bootcamp at 10am, or request your free consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals today!
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