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reFORM Studios Client of the Month for January 2013 is Maggie Sewell!

January Honors go to Maggie- and you'll see why she's our Client of the Month!

reFORM Studios Client of the Month January 2014Maggie just wrapped up her first 3 months of training, and is starting on another 3 month program to keep it going! She's 28 yrs old, married and works full time as an Office Manager for a local construction company. She trains 3 days a week with Katrina for 30 minute sessions.

Hear from our Client of the Month for January 2014- Maggie!

[caption id="attachment_1766" align="alignleft" width="138"]"I've always been overweight" -Maggie "I've always been overweight" -Maggie[/caption] “I started training because I just wanted to be a healthy weight, and I’ve never been able to get there on my own. I’ve always been overweight. Last fall I felt ready to make an effort again, and started looking. I sent a lot of emails to local trainers, and when I got a really fast response from Katrina at reFORM Studios, I was excited. We met that afternoon for my initial consultation. I just completed my initial 3 month program, training 3 days a week for 30 minutes, and signed up for 3 more months. I’ve gotten TONS of results- I’ve lost 18lbs, 16 inches, and 11.7% of my bodyweight since I started here! I now fit into size small tops for the first time, and also fit comfortably in size 4 pants. I’ve been getting lots of compliments from family and friends who only knew me heavy. And my confidence is so much better- now when I walk into a room I don’t have that little voice telling me I’m the fattest person in the room. I actually feel comfortable. I love discovering new muscles that I’ve never seen before- hello triceps! [caption id="attachment_1770" align="alignleft" width="158"]Maggie feeling confident now Maggie feeling confident now[/caption] What I love best about reFORM Studios’ programs is that they are fun. I do love my trainer of course, and all the staff at the studio, but we always do something new. It’s never the same workout twice. We work the same muscles, but in new ways so it’s never boring. Now that I’ve come this far I’m setting new goals- a few more pounds, and then half marathon! If you’re thinking about starting a fitness program with reFORM Studios, all I can tell you is definitely DO IT! It will change your life- it changed mine!” Stay tuned for more from Maggie, and to see who will become the Client of the Month for February! We love sharing your successes, and hopefully helping you to inspire others! Ready to start a journey of your own with our help and get reFORMED? Contact us today to set up a complimentary fitness consultation and see which of our programs might be the best fit for you!
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